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3 mistakes in Drums Along the Dusseldorf

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Drums Along the Dusseldorf - S3-E30

Factual error: All through this episode, characters keep referring to the river the bridge *du jour* spans as "The Düsseldorf" or "Düsseldorf river." The city of Düsseldorf is situated on the river Rhine - there is no "Düsseldorf river." It's a well known fact that the producers were hardly geography whizzes, but not knowing the Rhine is bad even by their standards. Curiously enough, there kinda is a "Düsseldorf river" called the Düssel, and it meets the Rhine there. The Düssel however is a small streamlet that a well-trained man could probably jump over - so the mistake is still a valid one.

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Drums Along the Dusseldorf - S3-E30

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Hogan and Schultz are admiring the Indian headband sent by Carter, Klink comes walking out behind them. As he stands in the door, you see Klink fold his hands in front of his waist as Hogan is talking. After Klink starts to talk, the camera cuts to a close up of him and he suddenly has his riding crop under his arm.

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Answer: Nimrod's actual identity was never revealed in the series. It was only known that he was a British intelligence agent. Nimrod was not Colonel Klink. Hogan had only implied it was him as a ruse to get Klink returned as camp commandant, not wanting him replaced by someone more competent who would impede the Heroes war activities. (As another contributor previously posted, the term "nimrod" is slang for a nerdy, doofus type of person, though it's unclear why that was his code name).

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