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4 mistakes in The Pizza Parlor - chronological order

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The Pizza Parlor - S1-E22

Revealing mistake: LeBeau hands Schultz the pan straight from the hot plate, but Schultz puts at least three fingers around it while eating without any apparent issues. Note that LeBeau earlier said the Crepe Suzette were "not quite ready yet" - or in other words, still cooking. (00:01:40)

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The Pizza Parlor - S1-E22

Continuity mistake: Major Bonacelli goes to put his hand in his coat for money, he pauses with it in for the next few lines. When Newkirk asks about Germans eating a lot of pizza, Bonacelli's hand is suddenly out and gesturing.

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The Pizza Parlor - S1-E22

Continuity mistake: Newkirk holds takes Schultz's rifle so Schultz can play in the game. On Schultz's second hit, you see Newkirk clapping. In the close up, you see Newkirk's hands firmly on the butt of the rifle. Also, Newkirk is holding the rifle with the muzzle in the dirt. This would put a plug of dirt into it, but when Klink takes it away, you can see that the muzzle is clean and clear.

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Trivia: A sinister aspect of an otherwise lightheated comedy, but the fact is that Hogan and his men are war criminals. They engage in combat activities behind enemy lines when not in uniform, and worse, while wearing enemy uniforms. The Germans tried that during the Battle of the Bulge and those arrested were shot.

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Question: Many times Hogan and company manage to actually escape Stalag 13, especially at night. If they can escape so easily, then why doesn't everybody in the whole Stalag do it and head to an American Embassy?

Answer: The core POWs regularly escaped the prison camp but they made it their mission to conduct espionage and commit sabotage in the surrounding German territory. They also collaborated with different underground resistance groups and used a network of secret tunnels to help prisoners from other POW camps to escape, who then relayed vital information back to the Allied forces. Hogan and his men maintained the illusion that Stalag 13 had never had any prisoners escape in order to avoid their covert operations being shut down. Being that the prison camp is set in Germany during WWII, there were no American embassies.

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Hogan has mentioned to different characters that they are actually stationed at Stalag 13 to help allied soldiers and prisoners from other Stalags to escape Germany.

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