Hogan's Heroes

The Battle of Stalag 13 - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: As Hogan leaves Klink to go to his barracks, there is a distinct lighting difference on the porch where Klink is. The area between the supports of the porch roof is lighter in color than to Klink's left, also the shadows of the trusses are at a different slant than the area to the right of the screen. And there are extra shadows of the light and the support to Klink's left.

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Easy Come, Easy Go - S6-E15

Continuity mistake: When Klink and Hogan are looking at the Mustangs, Hogan has just sipped his coffee and holding the mug at chest level, at the top button of his coat. When the shot changes, he's holding it waist high. Also, the flight line full of planes is a grainy black-and-white projection super imposed in the shot of the window.

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Show generally

Continuity mistake: Throughout the whole series, there are references to the building that houses Hogan and company. Sometimes it's Building 2, sometime it's Building 3. Also, there are times that Hogan's building has a direct view of the Commandant's building, and times when there is a building between them.

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The Pizza Parlor - S1-E22

Continuity mistake: Newkirk holds takes Schultz's rifle so Schultz can play in the game. On Schultz's second hit, you see Newkirk clapping. In the close up, you see Newkirk's hands firmly on the butt of the rifle. Also, Newkirk is holding the rifle with the muzzle in the dirt. This would put a plug of dirt into it, but when Klink takes it away, you can see that the muzzle is clean and clear.

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How's the Weather? - S5-E15

Continuity mistake: Before Hogan lets Klink have the ball to hit, the camera does a close up on the volleyball. It can be seen to be a dull light brown color. After Klink hits it, and it soars up into the air the camera cuts to Hogan and Klink, and back again. When it does the ball is now a shiny orange like color.

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Hold That Tiger - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When in Hogan's quarters, they're planning to steal a Tiger Tank from the Germans. When Hogan rolls up the map, the holder it's on magically slides back into the wall. Any other time, he has to push it back.

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Answer: Nimrod's actual identity was never revealed in the series. It was only known that he was a British intelligence agent. Nimrod was not Colonel Klink. Hogan had only implied it was him as a ruse to get Klink returned as camp commandant, not wanting him replaced by someone more competent who would impede the Heroes war activities. (As another contributor previously posted, the term "nimrod" is slang for a nerdy, doofus type of person, though it's unclear why that was his code name).

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