Hogan's Heroes

Kommandant of the Year - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: The missile sitting on the trailer is thin and yellow, the missile actually seen flying is a fat, pointy, silver Atlas missile - which is an American intercontinental missile by the way, not a German tactical missile.

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Klink's Escape - S5-E26

Continuity mistake: When Klink is "taken hostage" in the barracks, he is in his tunic only. Later in the car he has his overcoat on. He was supposed to be kidnapped, he could hardly ask Hogan to let him slip into his office for his coat.

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Hogan, Go Home - S3-E19

Continuity mistake: In Hogan's quarters, as he and Critendon are talking, his arms are by his sides, and suddenly crossed. As Hogan goes to get his hat off Critendon's sword, his right hand is shown, then after the angle changes, his left hand draws back with the hat, and his right comes up to grab it.

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Kommandant Schultz - S6-E7

Continuity mistake: As Schultz is addressing the formation after taking command, his swagger stick switches from his right hand to under his left arm after the camera angle changes. Also, a minute later, Carter goes from being beside Newkirk to being in front of him and back again in a few seconds.

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Bombsight - S5-E7

Continuity mistake: After Newkirk photographs the blueprints, he loosely rolls them up and goes to hand them to Carter. A second later, they are tightly rolled with a rubber band around them.

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Answer: Nimrod's actual identity was never revealed in the series. It was only known that he was a British intelligence agent. Nimrod was not Colonel Klink. Hogan had only implied it was him as a ruse to get Klink returned as camp commandant, not wanting him replaced by someone more competent who would impede the Heroes war activities. (As another contributor previously posted, the term "nimrod" is slang for a nerdy, doofus type of person, though it's unclear why that was his code name).

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