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Bad Day in Berlin - S4-E11

New this week Continuity mistake: As Major Tepple (Morrison) lays the deck of cards in Hogan's room on the table, the bottom card is not neatly in the deck. When the camera cuts to another angle, the deck is neatly stacked.

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Carter Turns Traitor - S3-E16

New this month Visible crew/equipment: After Hogan goes down into the tunnel in Klink's quarters, the stove moves back in place. As it does, the wire on the floor pulling the stove back in place is visible.

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Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon - S2-E28

New this month Continuity mistake: When Franks turns in his report to be signed, Klink said "Kommandant's efficiency reports are six weeks behind." When he talks to Hogan later to get rid of Franks, he said the reports were six months behind.

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The Tower - S2-E27

New this month Visible crew/equipment: As Burkhalter goes to leave Klink's office after ordering Hogan to get the negatives, the shadow of the boom mike can be seen moving on the wall behind them.

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A Klink, a Bomb and a Short Fuse - S2-E8

New this month Visible crew/equipment: As Burkhalter and Klink walk toward the office, the shadows of the crew, camera and lighting appear on camera.

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The Flame Grows Higher - S1-E31

New this month Revealing mistake: As Hogan, Le Beau, and Newkirk help Schultz up the slope to the "forest fire", there is lumber stacked across a low spot in the top of the bank and covered with "snow" and grass. Probably meant as a path.

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The Gold Rush - S1-E18

New this month Continuity mistake: When Schultz comes out, he talks to the guard posted there. A moment later, the guard is gone.

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The Gold Rush - S1-E18

New this month Other mistake: The wooden steps in front of the office look to be one plank measuring 3" by 18", but in the collapse under Klink, they appear to be two pieces. Also, Le Beau sawed through the middle support, but neither Schultz or Klink step on it.

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The Gold Rush - S1-E18

New this month Revealing mistake: As Klink steps off the porch of his office, in the long shot you can tell it is his stunt double.

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Man's Best Friend Is Not His Dog - S4-E6

Revealing mistake: As Schultz holds Newkirk's hat during the search, you can see "Dawson" written on the inside band. This was to insure that Richard Dawson (Newkirk) always had the right wardrobe pieces.

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Klink for the Defense - S6-E19

Continuity mistake: General Burkhalter is eating Klink's dinner. When finished he places a metal cover over the plate. In the next shot the cover is lying on the table and there is extra food on the plate. (00:15:25)


How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis - S3-E7

Deliberate mistake: Burkhalter pulls some papers out of his bags marked "Top Secret." Why would German papers be marked in English, so the prisoners know what not to look at?

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The Gold Rush - S1-E18

Continuity mistake: Hogan and company use red painted gold bricks to replace the wooden stairs that they sabotaged. The steps after this episode should have been brick, but they went back to being wooden.

Show generally

Character mistake: In several scenes all over the show (though not always!), characters use the command "Raus!" to send somebody away from somewhere. Raus, short for "heraus" literally means "out" in the sense of "out of a building", which would be "aus einem Gebäude heraus" in German. Used as a command, it always means "get out", never "get away from there" or "get lost", in other words, the addressee must be inside of somewhere to be ordered "Raus." One example would be Schultz sending the prisoners away from general Burkhalter's car in S05E13.

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The 43rd, a Moving Story - S1-E23

Character mistake: When Klink explains the route of the trucks carrying the red cross packages to Kühn, he for once uses a map actually showing Germany. Unfortunately, the places he points to start near Luxemburg and track all across Germany. The spot he places Hammelburg at would be near Poznan in Poland.

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Hold That Tiger - S1-E2

Factual error: The tank used in the episode is not a tiger tank but an American M7.

How to Catch a Papa Bear - S4-E3

Continuity mistake: When LeBeau comes out of Hogan's quarters after feeding Newkirk chicken soup, he is holding a bowl with a spoon in his right hand. As he talks back and forth with Hogan and Schultz, the spoon jumps from in front of his thumb to behind it.

Praise the Fuhrer and Pass the Ammunition - S2-E19

Continuity mistake: Klink was sitting in his chair as Hogan is guessing his age. Klink's hands are clasped in front of him, and a second later, his right hand is on his hip.

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The Softer They Fall - S5-E18

Factual error: Burkhalter refers to Jesse Owens winning the gold medals in the Berlin Olympics, and that Hitler left the stadium every time Owens was to be presented a medal. Truth was, Hitler left the stadium when another black man won the day before, and didn't snub Owens at all. In fact, Hitler wasn't in attendance the days Owens won.

The Gasoline War - S5-E4

Revealing mistake: During the main part of the plot, the guys are putting dynamite on each truck in the convoy as they fuel up at Stalag 13. It is supposed to be dark, (hence the reason the boys wear black) but there are shadows as if it were day. It's impossible for the driver in the following truck and the guard in the tower to miss seeing the boys as they go back and forth to plant charges.

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Movies Are Your Best Escape - S1-E8

Captain: Auf Wiedersehen, Colonel. Heil Hitler!
Klink: Heil Hitler, and get out.

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Trivia: During WW2 Robert Clary, who played Louis LeBeau, had been imprisoned at Drancy internment camp in France, and at Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp where he was tattooed with the number "A5714." He was the youngest of 14 children. Twelve members of his immediate family were sent to Auschwitz, and perished.

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