Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping Up Appearances (1990)

4 mistakes in season 1

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Daddy's Accident - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: At the end of the scene where Hyacinth is fighting Major's advances in the greenhouse, she's seen holding fresh flowers. However, just as she's running down the stairs, the flowers are wilted and broken.

Luiza Batycka

Stately Home - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: When the inside of Onslows and Daisy's house is shown there is no second door in the hallway right inside the front door. When the angry woman storms in to the house from the outside, there is a second door that she goes through after the front door. You can it because the light changes as if a door is being opened and then closed, much like a swinging door.

luke f

Hyacinth: I want you to instruct your superiors that this is a first class stamp residence.

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The Toy Store - S2-E8

Trivia: Hyacinth somehow manages to open a pull door by pushing. When Hyacinth is about to walk into the store with Councillor Mrs. Nugent (24mins approx), they walk to the door and Hyacinth pushes the door, which is labeled "Pull."


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Season 1 generally

Question: What is the name of the china pattern used at the breakfast table? It is black and gold trimmed. Not the Royal Doulton and not the Royal Worster Avignon.

Answer: I have asked myself the same question for a long time. It is Rosina-Queen's fine bone china, pattern "Olde England." It's the china that appears most of the time in the series. The Royal Worchester double-glazed Avignon (for candle light suppers) is really Royal Doulton Avignon, pattern "The Moselle Collection." And the Royal Doulton with the hand painted periwinkles is in reality of course Royal Doulton Colclough, pattern "Braganza."

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