Preggers - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When the football team is dancing during the game, they cross the scrimmage line, and would actually be counted as a foul and should have been stopped by officials immediately.

Correction: Should have yes, but officials make mistakes all the time, even NFL level officials. This time, everyone was so dumbstruck to see the dancing at all that no one noticed they'd crossed the line.

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Throwdown - S1-E7

Corrected entry: When Will flunks the Cheerios in "Throwdown", Quinn, Santana and Brittany are still at warm-up, implying they are not failing Spanish. But how could Brittany be passing Spanish when she has such a low intelligence and is even seen trying to steal Quinn's test, saying, "I just don't understand anything"?

Correction: You have a point there, but the most plausible explanation is that Will didn't want to fail Quinn, Santana and Brittany because they're in Glee club.


Hell-O - S1-E14

Corrected entry: In "Hello", when Sue takes a picture of herself with Figgins in his bed, look very closely and you'll see that the camera only takes a picture of Figgin's right side and some of Sue's stomach. In reality, this photo would be no good as blackmail, as neither of their faces are even in the photo.

Correction: Figgins isn't seeing it from our angle, he's just woken up drugged and naked in a bed with a woman who snapped a picture of the two of them and not likely to ask if it's a good picture or not. As long as he thinks it is, it's good blackmail material.

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Vitamin D - S1-E6

Corrected entry: In the episode Vitamin D (Season 1, Episode 6), Terri gives Finn and the other Glee kids Pseudoephedrine tablets, telling them that Pseudoephedrine is the ingredient which makes decongestants non-drowsy. This isn't the case: Pseudoephedrine is itself the decongestant, which has a side effect in some people of promoting excitability. It certainly would not have made the kids as jumpy and energetic as they are shown to be.


Correction: Terri is an idiot and could easily make this character mistake. The power of suggestion easily explains the jumpy energy as well. I gave a single caffeine tablet to a friend who'd never had them before and he wigged out.

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Season 1 generally

Corrected entry: During "Wheels", Puck says that "[Brittney] is always cheating off [Becky]'s test papers in math class." Yet in a previous episode, he says he hasn't been to a math class in three years.

Correction: That does not mean that he isn't aware that Brittney cheats off of Becky.

Season 1 generally

Corrected entry: During "Home", when Sue is talking about the Master Cleanse, she says she hasn't had a solid meal since 1987. Yet in a previous episode "Mattress", when she talks about having eye surgery, she is eating a container of lasagna. I'm pretty sure lasagna counts as a solid meal.

Correction: It was yams, not lasagna. And I'm pretty sure it was a joke, and supposed to be absurd, not necessarily a continuity error.

Correction: She's also on a date with a boy that she's attracted to, lots of people set aside principles in such situations.

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She does the same in "Thanksgiving" (4x08), when she tells Brody that she is a vegetarian and precedes to prep it with him, once again proving your point.

Duets - S2-E4

Revealing mistake: Season 2, episode 4 (Duets): When Brittany lifts Artie from his chair and carries him to her bed, right before she puts him down, he is obviously lifting his feet to prevent them from bumping into the bedframe.


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Showmance - S1-E2

Will: My father always said you'd become a man when you bought your first house. I'm not sure what he meant though, because he burned ours down during a drunken fight with mom.

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Mattress - S1-E12

Trivia: Brittany's name in the yearbook photo appears simply as Brittany: she didn't get her surname until Season 2.


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Show generally

Question: Why don't any of the bullies ever get in trouble for throwing slushies at the members of the Glee club?

Answer: The show is purposefully stylized and over the top. It is not designed to be an accurate, realistic representation of American high school. The idea that the glee club is so unpopular other students can literally throw garbage at them with impunity is an over-exaggeration of how glee club is considered "un-cool" compared to things like football. However, there is a second way of looking at it. The audience is simply never shown anyone getting into any trouble for throwing slushies. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it never happened.


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