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Other mistake: When the kids are opening their lockers, they enter the code, then pull on the lock to open the locker. The closed lock is still attached to the front of the locker. When they close it, it's magically locked again without them ever opening or closing the lock. In reality, these locks would be useless, or the locker doors wouldn't open.

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Other mistake: Many of the Warblers appear in McKinley throughout the show, even after the Warblers were introduced. An example of this is that Trent is often seen walking throughout the halls of McKinley. He even sits in front of Finn in "Substitute" when Holly Holiday is teaching the students Spanish.

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Continuity mistake: In episode 2-18, "Born This Way", during the musical number "Somewhere Only We Know", you can see Brittany step down from the stairs in the background as The Warblers circle around Kurt and pat him on the shoulder. The next shot shows her stepping down again.

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Deliberate mistake: Many times throughout the show, a large bandage or makeup blot is visible on Lea Michele's right wrist, which is used to cover up her "I Believe" tattoo. This is most visible during "Don't Rain On My Parade" and her "Poker Face" and "For Good" duets.

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Deliberate mistake: During almost every scene that involves the main actors in the hallway or in a classroom with a window to the hallway, there are people passing by at random intervals. Even if the scene takes place in the middle of class or after school, there are random extras wandering the halls. In real life, unless they had about 15 minutes between each class and every single club met after school every single day, there wouldn't be that many people in the halls.

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Continuity mistake: In 3x14 (On My Way), Quinn apparently texted Rachel that she'd be there soon at 11:01PM on February 9, 2012. Quinn got Rachel's text back at 4:14PM. When we see Rachel's phone again, her text saying "HURRY!" is gone. (In addition, Feb. 9th 2012 was a Thursday, not a Saturday).

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Continuity mistake: In 3x09, during the opening number, Kurt is wearing the gum wrapper ring he received as a gift from Blaine. Although the scene where he receives it was cut from the aired episode, he wasn't supposed to receive the ring until later in the episode.

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Factual error: After he gets fired from his teaching job, Mr. Ryerson makes a living reselling the medical marijuana he receives for depression. At the time the episode was made, Ohio was not one of the 16 states (and District of Columbia) that had medical marijuana laws, and NONE of the states allowed it for treatment of depression.

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Showmance - S1-E2

Will: Hold on a second, Sue.
Sue: I resent being told to hold on to anything, William. I will not be treated like a second-class citizen because of my gender.

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Trivia: In the episode Mattress (Season 1, Episode 12), Brittany's name in the Yearbook Photo appears simply as Brittany: she didn't get her surname until Season 2.


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Question: Why don't any of the bullies ever get in trouble for throwing slushies at the members of the Glee club?

Answer: The show is purposefully stylized and over the top. It is not designed to be an accurate, realistic representation of American high school. The idea that the glee club is so unpopular other students can literally throw garbage at them with impunity is an over-exaggeration of how glee club is considered "un-cool" compared to things like football. However, there is a second way of looking at it. The audience is simply never shown anyone getting into any trouble for throwing slushies. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it never happened.


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