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An all-time classic, with the most impressive incarnation of the Belgian detective. If anything, because of the 25 years long commitment of the lead actor to his character, covering the entirety of the original stories and novels. There will be still many more versions of Poirot in movies and other media, each with a different take, but Suchet's work truly brought life to an icon most often identified just by his quirks and peculiar image, sort of a comic-relief magic gnome who solves inexplicable riddles. This is not what you get here, especially in the long run. Aging together with his character, Suchet (also executive producer in the latter stages of the series) brought gravitas and depth to this interpretation of Poirot, also thanks to a staggering amount of personal research, including some who may not resonate with everyone (such as Poirot's faith), but come from a respectful and thorough study of the source material. The scripts are solid dramatizations, and the direction is for the most part competent and hardly groundbreaking, but it will live on as a memorable act of love towards a literary creation.

Sammo Premium member

The Incredible Theft - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: Poirot is holding up a letter in an envelope. He turns it to show the front to Lady Mayfield. The flap of the envelope appears to be tucked in. The shot cuts to a close-up, but now the back of the envelope is facing Lady Mayfield and the flap is sealed. He then turns the envelope to show her the front. (00:44:20)


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