The Breakup - S1-E4

Trivia: In the flashback of one of Ken's wives walking out on him, he yells "caveat emptor" at her. Translated from Latin, it literally means "let the buyer beware."

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Dad's Dead - S1-E2

Trivia: When Ken appears at the end of the episode and Tommy wets his pants, David Shatraw actually had relieved himself. The studio audience wasn't aware of it until he pulled his tie aside to look down at his slacks. (00:20:55)

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Insanity Genetic (2) - S3-E20

Character mistake: During his interrogation, Ken comments that he beat Christopher's impulsive violence out of him. But in "The Perfect Thanksgiving", he tells Erin's brother Michael that he never hit his children, choosing instead to destroy their self-esteem.

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Christopher Titus: My father thrives on fear. You know that prayer "If I should die before I wake"? I had sheets that said that.

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