Episode Title Mistakes
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Season 1
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1Flowers for Your Grave5
2Nanny McDead3
3Hedge Fund Homeboys2
4Hell Hath No Fury3
5A Chill Goes Through Her Veins1
6Always Buy Retail0
7Home Is Where the Heart Stops4
9Little Girl Lost0
10A Death in the Family1
Season 2
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1Deep in Death0
2The Double Down0
3Inventing the Girl0
4Fool Me Once2
5When the Bough Breaks1
6Vampire Weekend2
7Famous Last Words0

For Better or Worse - S6-E23

Continuity mistake: At the end of the episode, the Mercedes S class that is burning is not the same car that Castle drove previously in the episode, it's an older model one. Either it's a mistake or has to do something with the plot resolution, decide yourselves...

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Flowers for Your Grave - S1-E1

Beckett: Richard Castle, you are under arrest for felony theft and obstruction of justice.
Castle: You forgot making you look bad.

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Vampire Weekend - S2-E6

Trivia: Castle's Halloween costume is of Malcolm Reynolds, played by Nathan Fillion in the short-lived TV show "Firefly." Alexis asks him: "Didn't you wear that like five years ago?" Serenity, the film based on Firefly, was released 5 years before this episode aired.

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