The Greatest American Hero
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Ralph Hinkley: Bill, I've got an idea.
Bill Maxwell: Good, put it to me in a letter, I'll try to get back to you by the end of the month.

Pam Davidson: I wouldn't use that phone, Bill. The hospital may want you for a lobotomy.

Ralph Hinkley: You can't go because... WE'RE the package, Bill! Those little green guys they... they didn't pick us out by accident! We're supposed to do this as long as it takes. How many times have you told that to me?

Bill Maxwell: And so we went to NewFOUNDland to make friends with all the whales and a bunch of little fishies.

The Best Desk Scenario - S1-E9

Bill Maxwell: You get to be vice principal. Counselor... she's a junior partner. Yours truly, Dumbo Maxwell's chuggin' across the finish line... folks up in the gallery yellin' down "Go, geezer! Go!"

Bill Maxwell: You're about as religious as a Las Vegas nightclub owner.

Dreams - S2-E17

Audio problem: After Ralph gets the holograph showing Pam and Bill taken hostage, when Ralph makes an embarrassing entrance into the youth crime seminar he quickly impersonates a singing telegram, and his mouth is out of sync as we hear the phone number. (00:37:30)

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