Bonanza (1959)

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Ponderosa Matador - S5-E15

Corrected entry: After reading a book titled "The Art Of Bullfighting," Hoss and Joe get into an argument about the definitions of certain bullfighting terms. Joe says, "I think you've been reading that wrong book." Hoss retorts, "I think you've been reading it upside down." Joe meant to say, "I think you've been reading that book wrong."

Correction: Joe actually says "I think you've been reading out of the wrong book". He didn't flub the line and what he said makes perfect sense. Hoss' reply was just him trying to comeback with his own quip without repeating Joe's insult.


A Dream to Dream - S9-E26

Character mistake: When Hoss takes Timmy for a horseback ride, after they both dismount by the lake, Hoss calls Timmy by his real name Johnny (Whitaker) and not Timmy.

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Adam Cartwright: Let's go back to the Ponderosa, Pa. This isn't any of our affair.
Ben Cartwright: We can't ignore the rest of the world. We're the only stabilizing influence in the country.

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The Last Haircut - S4-E19

Question: How could one of the three have been in prison during the murder at the barbershop? Did he have a twin?

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