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A Stranger Passed This Way - S4-E23

Corrected entry: About 5/6 of the way through the show, out in the barn with Joe and Adam, Hoss, who is supposed to have amnesia from a blow to the head, thinks that a couple, the Vandervorts, are his parents. Mr. Vandervort calls Hoss from the house and Hoss responds by calling him Mr. Vandervort instead of calling him Pa or Dad. He still thought he was his father at this point in show.

terry s

Correction: You apparently did not watch this episode very closely, as there was no mentioning of the Vandeworts as the "parents" of the blow stricken Hoss Cartwright.

A Girl Named George - S9-E16

Revealing mistake: Jack Albertson's character is taking pictures of The Cartwrights and ranch hands. The video camera moves across the front of the prop camera as Albertson pushes and holds the button to take a picture. The shutter on the camera never opens and isn't open until he releases the button. In those days the shutter had to stay open an elongated time to enable the light to infiltrate the negative. People had to stay still during this time.

terry s

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Ben Cartwright: You and your education.
Adam Cartwright: Education is progress! Now what have you got against it?
Ben Cartwright: I don't have anything against education - as long as it doesn't interfere with your thinking.

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The Last Haircut - S4-E19

Question: How could one of the three have been in prison during the murder at the barbershop? Did he have a twin?

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