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The Suite Life on Deck (2008)

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Factual error: In the beginning of the episode "Show and Tell", you can see Woody clipping his toenails on the bed. You can see how many toes he has one of his feet. He has 5 toes. Yet, in one of the first episodes, Woody states he has 8 toes on one foot and 3 on the other.


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Revealing mistake: When Zack and Cody are tied up by the secret spy, when Cody is texting Bailey "Help Me" with his toes, you can see that the Mobile has a black screen, and is turned off. And he was just hitting random buttons with his toes.


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Continuity mistake: In the episode when Cody is teaching the class cooking, in the scene where Bailey and Woody agree to work together, Zack is pictured at the snack-bar on the right, but then he appears from the left and speaks to a lady.

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Continuity mistake: In the episode when Cody is teaching cooking, while Bailey and Cody are talking about the other students, behind Bailey there is a man with a striped shirt. Between shots not only does he disappear and reappear, but later in that same scene behind Bailey he is seen coming down the stairs.


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Factual error: Zack and Cody are often seen on their cell phones, however being out at sea they would not have reception.


Trivia: In the episode "Roomies", at the beginning, when Zack puts the music on for Woody, the music is actually the instrumental from the song he, Marcus and Cody composed for Jordin Sparks.

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Question: Re "The Suite Life Movie", I have two questions. One: Zack is flirting with a girl named Nelly throughout the whole movie, but he has a girlfriend, Maya. Is he cheating? Two: (SPOILER ALERT!) Near the end, when Zack and Cody are free from becoming merged, they return to their normal life, but they still have stages 1, 2, and half of stage 3 still in them. Does this wear off, or are they still like that?


Chosen answer: One: Zack doesn't meet Maya until after the movie. Two: There are 2 possibilities. The first one, the steps might worn off after they got to the ship. and the second answer, London said she talks to animals since she ate them, it never worn off.

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