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35 mistakes in season 1

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A Cube of Sugar - S1-E26

Continuity mistake: During the prison corridor scene, Cinnamon is crying over her "dead" husband, and her hair changes from frazzled to neatly combed and back as the angles shift between full shot and close-up. (00:39:15)

Jean G

Odds on Evil - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When he's talking to the arms dealer, Barney's right hand is free and gesturing until the shot cuts: then he's suddenly holding his drink in that hand. (00:12:20)

Jean G

The Confession - S1-E22

Continuity mistake: When Rollin and another prisoner escape, Willie picks them up and they get into the back seat. Later when Willie is driving in at least two shots they're missing from the back seat.

The Legacy - S1-E15

Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the episode, Rollin gets into a fight. His mouth gets bloody on the right side, which swaps to the left, then back.

The Ransom - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When the doctor tells the agent he has to step behind the shield while they take the pictures, you can see that Augie's chest strap has already been secured. The very next camera shot shows Cinnamin (as a nurse) just starting to secure his ankle area with the straps, and you can see the chest has not been secured yet. A second mistake in the same timeframe shows Augie's unconscious head turned to his left. When she starts to secure his ankles, you can see his chin pointing straight up.


The Traitor - S1-E27

Continuity mistake: Tina demonstrates her contortionist abilities by crawling through the cubicle shelves in Briggs' apartment. A large orange cat figurine on the upper left shelf is brightly lit when she's doing her demo. The moment she finishes, though, the cat is in shadow and its orange tones are muted to brown. (00:05:00)

Jean G

The Reluctant Dragon - S1-E16

Continuity mistake: The 8-track tape Briggs listens to is in shadow when he inserts it in the car's player. A few shots later, though, it's brightly illuminated so that we can see the tape spinning inside. (00:02:00)

Jean G

Fakeout - S1-E12

Continuity mistake: During the mission briefing, Cinnamon's hair alternates from messy to neatly combed several times. In fact, her hairdo changes combing styles throughout the episode. (00:05:00)

Jean G

Fakeout - S1-E12

Continuity mistake: Throughout the car chase and the scenes leading up to it, Poltroni's rear-view mirror disappears and reappears repeatedly. (00:35:30 - 00:43:00)

Jean G

Fakeout - S1-E12

Continuity mistake: All of the lighting and sound equipment Barney loads into the back seat of the police cruiser disappears during the car chase. (00:43:45)

Jean G

The Diamond - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: Rollin strikes the duplicate diamond with a hammer and chisel, and it breaks cleanly into several pieces that fly out of the dish entirely. In the next shot, however, all the pieces are not only back in the dish, they're crushed into a fine powder. (00:35:30)

Jean G

The Reluctant Dragon - S1-E16

Continuity mistake: After the gun goes off during his fight with Yankovski, blood appears on the right side of Rollin's mouth: it wasn't there a moment before. And a few shots later, the blood is on the left, then changes back to the right. (One shot in the sequence was, for some reason, flipped.) (00:48:00)

Jean G

Voice on Tape: Good morning Mister Phelps.

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Leona - S7-E4

Trivia: Apollo rewinds a reel-to-reel tape recorder that has just recorded him admitting to illegal activities. As he does, it makes the expected chipmunk noise. When slowed and reversed, the tape is of a speech given in episode #4 from the 3rd season. You can hear these recordings at: http://www.litb.com/recording1.mp3 and http://www.litb.com/recording2.mp3.


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Show generally

Question: At the start of each episode of Mission Impossible Briggs or Phelps received details of the mission from a tape recording that was 'hidden in plain sight', say a telephone booth displaying a poster saying 'Telephone Out Of Order. Do Not Use'. So, what would happen if somebody went into the kiosk before Briggs or Phelps, picked up the telephone and got the secret message ahead of the Mission Impossible team?

Rob Halliday

Answer: We don't know what would happen because the show never addressed this issue. Any answer would be speculation. This is a TV show, and the plot is structured so that only IMF team will retrieve the secret message.

raywest Premium member

Answer: This is not really a serious question. When I posted this question I was fully aware that Mission Impossible is only a television programme. Like many espionage thrillers (Man From Uncle, The Avengers, James Bond) it is meant to entertain, it is never meant to be taken literally seriously. It was essential to the story that Briggs or Phelps received a secret message, which would give them a mission to accomplish. If they did not receive the message you would not have had the story. When I used to watch Mission Impossible it just used to amuse me to wonder what might have happened had somebody picked up the phone containing the secret message ahead of Briggs or Phelps. I even considered writing to a comedian and suggesting that they devise a comedy sketch in which this happened. My question was only meant to be a joke, that I posted to amuse people.

Rob Halliday

The Lucy Show or Here's Lucy did an episode of exactly this scenario.

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