Sanctuary (2007)

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Trivia: Sanctuary was the first television series in North America to use the RED camera exclusively, capturing images at twice the resolution of a high definition camera.

Trivia: In Season 1 Episode 8 Edward. When the detective is first showing Zimmerman the sketches, when Zimmerman comments that the pictures are brilliant the sketch is of an Unas, a creature from Stargate SG1, starring Amanda Tapping, it also appears in the top right when Zimmerman shows the sketches to Dr. Magnus. (00:04:00 - 00:04:45)

Trivia: Season 2 Episode 9: Penance: When Jimmy first speaks to Magnus, he says "Love the hair." Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks worked together on Stargate SG-1, during which time Amanda had short blonde hair, while in this show she has long brown hair.


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Henry Foss: All access pass to Spookville. Comes with a free lunch and a decoder ring.

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