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1 mistake in season 20

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Episode #20.1 - S20-E1

Continuity mistake: In this episode filmed in New Zealand, Jeremy races in a blue Toyota Corolla. Later, Jeremy wrecks the blue Toyota and is replaced with a red one (same car, just a different colour). During a scene after the blue car is replaced, Jeremy says "Back on gravel, I wasn't expecting that" if you look carefully at the B pillar from the inside it's blue, from the previous car. The B pillar inside the red car is red.

Season 10 generally

James: Why would Jeremy think you could make a limo out of a Fiat Panda? You could strech it a mile and it would only be as long as n a normal car.
Richard: Have you met Jeremy Clarkson? Tall man, curly hair, idiot?

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