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The Carnival - S1-E3

Revealing mistake: When Jonboy, Jason, Ben, and Elizabeth are trying to lure the monkey down from the tree, the leash it's tethered to is visible down the tree trunk. But then disappears after the monkey climbs down.

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The Children's Carol - S6-E11

Factual error: Jason is shown communicating with friends in the UK via amateur radio. During WW2 amateur radio operators in most countries were prohibited from transmitting any signals until after the end of the war.


The Recluse - S6-E3

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end, while John is working alone in the mill Ben shows up, and when Ben asks, "Need some help," a crew member is hiding behind the stack of drawers, toward the right side of the screen. It's not Zeb or Easy or any family member. (00:46:30)

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The Rumor - S6-E14

Revealing mistake: At the mill, when John tells Buck that Willie Brimmer might be at the Montgomery cabin with Jim-Bob, in the next closeup of John we see a billowy trail of smoke at the bottom right corner of the screen, but the only people standing there are Elizabeth, John, and Buck, and none are smoking. Presumably, it was someone offscreen smoking too close to the camera (similar to a mistake in 1978's "Halloween"). (00:26:05)

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The Search - S4-E15

Continuity mistake: When John borrows Vern's blue car to search for Olivia and the kids, its license plate number is "45-2678" in wide shots, but when John-Boy spots their truck at the side of the road John stops short, and the license plate number is "84-6209" in the closeup. (00:17:10 - 00:18:45)

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The Secret - S4-E16

Visible crew/equipment: After Jim-Bob finds out of the truth at the Hall of Records, when it cuts to Godsey's the two white tape marks are visible on the floor where Ike places the long grabber tool, as well as the two black tape marks where Esther and Ike will stand. (00:37:20)

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Show generally

Visible crew/equipment: After Olivia gives Elizabeth her doll with the newly sewn dress John-Boy walks in, and just as he sits down beside Olivia the set's equipment (presumably lighting) is visible at the left side of the screen. (00:09:35)

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The Revelation - S6-E21

Other mistake: After John-Boy leaves, in the last scene we hear Jim-Bob ask about the magazines, but subtitles claim it is Ben who asks, then as we hear Jason answer the queston, the subtitles tell us it is Jim-Bob who answers. (00:47:00)

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The Rumor - S6-E14

Visible crew/equipment: After Zeb tells the girls that the old dog, Sam, just wants to find a place to die in peace and dignity, when it cuts to John and Willie working inside the mill a crew member (wearing a red, short sleeve shirt) is hiding, toward the right side of the screen. Then after the shot of the girls on the hill, at the start of the next shot as the truck drives up, a bit of camera equipment is visible at the top, right side of the screen. (00:43:00)

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The Firestorm - S5-E5

Continuity mistake: When Zeb asks Olivia about dinner he takes a whole carrot, snaps it in half, and begins chomping as he walks toward the meeting in the living room, but when Esther takes the carrot away from Zeb it's quite a whole carrot, with only the tip gone. (00:05:00)

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The Heartbreaker - S5-E21

Factual error: When Elizabeth asks Zeb how Vanessa can be happy, Zeb has his old catalog with a bunch of flower seed packets on his lap, and as they both hold up the packets, particularly Elizabeth, the modern Universal Product Codes are at the back of the packets. The UPC did not exist until many years later. (00:10:05)

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The Conflict - S3-E1

Other mistake: After seeing the new house, Martha Corinne and Esther are at the back of the truck talking while John is driving home. During their conversation the truck is not actually moving (it's shaken to give an impression of movement), as we can see no change in scenery through the small rear window and at the left side of the screen in shots facing Esther. Additionally, Olivia is visible through the rear window sitting in the front seat, and she's wearing dangle earrings, which she does not wear in the scenes before or after (presumably it's the stand-in sitting in the seat). (01:01:10)

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The Prize - S2-E7

Other mistake: While John and his sons are at the pig pen talking about Rover, in the first wideshot facing them all we can see the Baldwins' stationary car parked near the pen, waiting for the cue to move at the proper time. During their entire conversation nobody remarks or reacts to the Baldwins' car being right there, not until the second wideshot, just as the vehicle moves closer to the Walton house, and then everyone exclaims, "Baldwin sisters/ladies!" as if they just now showed up. (00:03:55)

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The Bicycle - S1-E23

Factual error: While Ann is on the Walton's swing telling Curtis that he deceived and lied to her, when Curtis gets back into his car, a modern vehicle is visible at the right side of the screen, which is inappropriate for the time period. (00:46:10)

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The Secret - S4-E16

Continuity mistake: Jim-Bob's birth certificate reveals he was born January 13, 1923; however in Season 3 The Runaway Jim-Bob says his birthday was June 13, 1924. John-Boy was born just before when John was going off to WWI (1917-1918). If Jim-Bob was born at The Beginning of 1923, that would make him 5 years +/ - younger than John Boy. We know that Ben, Erin, Mary Ellen and Jason are all older than Jim-Bob.

The Travelling Man - S8-E21

Character mistake: When JimBob is talking to Mr. Perkins in the loft of the barn he mistakenly states that he used to share a bedroom with his 3 brothers when in fact JohnBoy had his own bedroom.

John Walton: I hate this draft job, Liv. I can't stand playing God to my neighbors' sons.

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The Outrage: Part 1 - S9-E1

Trivia: While everyone is at the table eating supper and talking, little John Curtis taps on John's shoulder, then John turns and asks "What?" John Curtis points to his pants and excitedly says, "I got new pants," and John says, "I see that. Who got you those? Your mommy?" Then John Curtis looks offscreen, away from the other actors on set, and replies, "No, from Pat," (no characters named Pat are on the show) and without missing a beat, John responds, "From Pat? Where does she live? On the next farm?" And John Curtis answers, "Yeah," amidst all the giggles we can hear, so John answers with a smirk, "Okay, good!" This is such a hilariously precious unscripted moment, and great they decided to leave it in the episode. (00:26:15)

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