The Incredible Hulk

Never Give a Trucker an Even Break - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where the female trucker is driving her truck and she intentionally hits a brown car. The problem is that she had already passed by this brown car a few seconds ago when David was getting into her truck through the window.

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Trivia: Executive Producer Kenneth Johnson wanted to have the Hulk's skin color be red instead of green. His explanation was that red represented anger and green represented jealousy. When telling Stan Lee, creator of The Incredible Hulk about this, Stan Lee said that the Hulk's skin color was green and had to stay green.

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Answer: An illness, although it's never stated what kind of illness. David blames his dad for her death because his father never took her to the hospital. So in all likelihood, her illness was never diagnosed anyways and David might not even have known what it was.


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