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Continuity mistake: In "IHeart Art", when Spencer is working and the dentist pushes back the tongue and his saliva sprays on Spencer, you can see that every time it switches back to Spencer, the wet stain on his shirt decreases in size.


IFight Shelby Marx - S2-E20

Other mistake: At the beginning, when everyone is watching Shelby fighting on TV, the timer is going too slow. According to the timer, the fight ends at 2:53, which is only 7 seconds of fighting, yet the fight was way longer than that.

IFight Shelby Marx - S2-E20

Revealing mistake: Carly, Sam and Shelby all corner Nevel in the ring. If you look in the corner where Shelby shows up, she's not in that corner until the light flashes on her.

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Continuity mistake: In "iPromote Tech Foots", Sam hires a personal chef, Sonia. When Carly, Sam and Freddie are sitting at the table and Spencer is talking to them, Sonia takes the blueberry muffins out of the oven and puts her oven mitts down. Next, Spencer starts walking away. Then Sonia is putting down her oven mitts again. There is no way she could pick up and put down her oven mitts that fast. (00:13:15)

IHave My Principals - S3-E5

Plot hole: Near the end, Sam locks Mr. Howard and Ms. Briggs in a closet. Sam and Gibby then put a heavy desk right against the door and leave them stuck inside. Then later the two teachers are seen frantically controlling the students. How did they escape? They were inside a closet with the door locked on the outside and with a heavy desk against it.

Kaiser Strien

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Revealing mistake: In "ISaved Your Life" after Sam shoots Spencer with her blowgun, she lands on the ground after jumping from the ceiling. During this shot, you can easily see that it is a stunt double.


IFence - S1-E22

Continuity mistake: When Carly's cousins come over, Sam goes upstairs to read a book. When her cousins are gone and Carly goes upstairs, she sees a boy rubbing Sam's feet. In between shots, Sam's right foot goes from facing inwards to being flat.

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Other mistake: Season 1, episode 5 "IWanna Stay with Spencer": The "Fan of Hammers" has all the hammers pointed the same way. But when the hammer goes into the wall, it goes in backwards. It is also there through all the rest of the shows and even in season two, where in "iKiss" it has a black handle. (00:02:35)


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Continuity mistake: Season 1, episode 18 "IPromote Techfoots": When they have the first meeting with the techfoot people, Sam is eating a sandwich. Every time the shot goes back to her and Carly, the amount of the sandwich she has eaten changes. Sometimes there is a bite taken, and then the next time there isn't a bite taken out of it.


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Continuity mistake: Season 2, episode 20 "IFight Shelby Marx": In the beginning, Carly gets a bowl and fills it with popcorn up to about 2/3 full. The camera cuts to Sam, then back to Carly, and the bowl is barely full. The camera goes back to Sam then to Carly again, and the bowl is 2/3 full again. Freddie walks in, and the bowl is barely full again, which Carly now fills with popcorn.

IWant More Viewers - S1-E2

Revealing mistake: When the gang is "Messing with Lewbert" and they zoom in on his wart, you can easily see it is just makeup.

logan crews

IQuit iCarly - S3-E8

Continuity mistake: Carly, Sam, Fleck and Dave are sitting at one table at the Groovy Smoothy sipping a new smoothy flavor with T-Bo standing next to them. Suddenly the smoothy gets too spicy so all four go to another table and gulp down other people's waters then sit back down. T-Bo comments and leaves his original spot. When Carly and the other three drink their smoothies and it gets too spicy again, water glasses suddenly appear from nowhere. T-Bo never would have had time to put them there.


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Revealing mistake: It's very obvious that Carly's grand-dad is a stunt double when he does a handstand in the record attempt episode.

quite big

IRue the Day - S1-E11

Other mistake: When the military barge into Nevel's house, Uncle Roger puts the camera down and you can see it not moving whatsoever, but in the shot from the POV of the unmoving camera the shot is moving.

Death Killer

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Continuity mistake: In "IWas a Pageant Girl," when Sam, Carly, and Ernie the dance coach are backstage hearing about the talent competition, his hands and clipboard move position from shot to shot.


IPromise Not to Tell - S1-E12

Other mistake: When Carly and Freddie are frantically trying to find a birthday present for Principal Franklin, they are talking in the kitchen and you can see a microwave above the sink. Carly then runs to the counter and grabs a microwave to give to him. Why would they have two?

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Revealing mistake: Season 1, episode 5 "IWanna Stay with Spencer": When Spencer turns on his iPod when talking to his Grandpa, you can see that the headphones are not plugged into the iPod.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the iCarly TV movie "iGo to Japan," the gang is riding in Kioko and Yuki's car when the Japanese comedians start arguing. In the shot showing Freddie putting his camera away, you can see several reflections on the side of the car. They are hard to make out what they are, but these are obviously the reflections of the crew in the background. If you look out the window beside Carly and Sam in the same shot, you can see how fast they are going past Tokyo. If these reflections are reflections of things in the city, they would quickly move away as they speed past. However, they stay put.


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Visible crew/equipment: "iPromote Tech Foots": Carly buys a motorcycle for Spencer, and when Spencer puts his helmet on, you can see a boom mic.


ILike Jake - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: When Sam walks in on Spencer wearing the plaster head, just after he points out the breathing and feeding tubes, there is plaster smeared all over the left tube that vanishes, reappears, then vanishes again in following shots.

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ICook - S3-E2

Trivia: When Carly and the team are facing the professional Chef, Carly says, "Add the Peruvian Puff Peppers." This pepper is also mentioned in "Drake and Josh", but in "Drake and Josh" it was illegal in the United States.

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