The Boondocks

Home Alone - S2-E10

Corrected entry: When Robert came back from his trip and opened the door, he saw Huey and Riley lying on the floor. Riley, who usually wears a white tank top and jeans, suddenly was wearing an orange jumpsuit that he wore earlier in the episode. When Huey and Riley went to hug Robert, Riley suddenly wasn't wearing the jumpsuit any longer. Instead, he's back to his usual attire. (00:18:25)


Correction: I reviewed the scene several times, he never was wearing the orange jumpsuit.

Shinin' - S2-E7

Revealing mistake: During the "Cribs" segment, when Flonominal is in the hot tub, Riley is behind him moving around oddly, like a paper puppet, as if the creators forgot to animate him.


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Robert 'Granddad' Freeman: Mr. Wuncler, I'm... sorry about the whole, you know, my grandson shooting your grandson out of the window thing. Are you mad?
Ed Wuncler: In 30 years, that boy will be the President of the United States. And he'll still be a fucking idiot. Now, are we gonna have that drink or what?

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