The Big Bang Theory
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 10
4 The Cohabitation Experimentation 0
5 The Hot Tub Contamination 0
6 The Fetal Kick Catalyst 2
7 The Veracity Elasticity 0
8 The Brain Bowl Incubation 1
9 The Geology Elevation 0
10 The Property Division Collision 0
11 The Birthday Synchronicity 0
12 The Holiday Summation 0
13 The Romance Recalibration 0
14 The Emotion Detection Automation 0
15 The Locomotion Reverberation 0
16 The Allowance Evaporation 0
17 The Comic-Con Conundrum 0
18 The Escape Hatch Identification 1
19 The Collaboration Fluctuation 0
20 The Recollection Dissipation 1
21 The Separation Agitation 0
22 The Cognition Regeneration 1
23 The Gyroscopic Collapse 0

The Countdown Reflection - S5-E24

Factual error: There is not a snowball's chance of Howard becoming an astronaut. He suffers from cardiac arrhythmia, something about which he is completely open. "Transient" or not this is easily detectable by a simple electrocardiogram, which is a fundamental part of the many medical examinations a potential astronaut will have to pass. He wouldn't even be allowed to start basic training. Note also that during his basic training he shows signs of severe stress and trauma which would inevitably trigger a cardiac episode. Even if it didn't the fact that he was falling apart at the seams would have him removed from the programme for his own good.

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Question: How come Raj has no problem speaking to his mother, but, when around other women, such as Penny, he immediately stops talking? Also, why does he have to whisper in someone's ear if he wants to ask Penny something?

Answer: Because Raj's selective mutism seems to be caused by women that Raj sees (on some sort of conscious or subconscious level) as a potential sexual partner. An attribute that wouldn't apply to either his sister or mother.

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