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Beware Wolf - S2-E2

Corrected entry: Justin dates a werewolf who turns him into one after they kissed. Later in season 3 Alex dates Mason who is a werewolf, but she never turns into one.


Correction: Mason states in season 3 episode 9 that the reason Alex would not turn into a werewolf if they kissed is because he is purebred.

Correction: This is explained when Mason states that he is a pure bred, and Justin's girlfriend was a Mutt.

Beware Wolf - S2-E2

Corrected entry: Isabella states that when you kiss a werewolf, you turn into a werewolf. After kissing her, Justin turns into a werewolf. But in a different episode with a werewolf named Mason, after Alex kisses him as a human, she doesn't turn into one.

Correction: Isabella is a mutt. Mason is a purebred. When a mutt kisses another person, they tun into a werewolf, but if a purebred kisses another person, nothing happens.

Correction: He's seen in school working on a sculpture in the Beast Tamer episode. But remember after they first met and got together he got turned into a wolf.

Correction: He is in the episode where Alex is going to the Beast Tamer actually. They don't seem to cross paths much, that's all.

Movies - S1-E9

Corrected entry: Here we meet "Zack", Justin's nerd friend. However for the rest of the entire show, he is called Zeke.

Correction: Later in the series Zeke Beakerman makes a reference to this episode when he was called Zack.

Correction: In "Wizards vs. Vampires: Tasty Bites" Harper talks to Juliet about how she's outside during the day without an umbrella because it's cloudy. Meaning that it's only direct sunlight that will harm Juliet.

Alex Charms a Boy - S3-E8

Corrected entry: In the episode "You Muse, You Lose", Alex's new boyfriend Mason is obsessed with drawing her. When he is drawing her with chalk on the street outside Alex's home/substation, she and her dad are watching him. She decides to go down to him to break the Muse spell. When she leaves the window it takes her about 3 seconds to get outside. This is impossible with two lots of spiral stairs to get down.


Correction: Remember, she's a wizard, she could have simply flashed down the stairs.


Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place - S2-E26

Corrected entry: While Justin and Juliet are in the graveyard, after Justin says he doesn't think the movie they are going to see is scary enough Juliet says they are seeing a romantic comedy. Then later on when they are outside on the table Juliet says she never went to the movie theater just to see the upcoming attractions.


Correction: Earlier in the episodes they explain that Justin can get only a half hour break, so they would only have enough time to go see the coming attractions.


Correction: In the episode "Max's Secret Girlfriend", Jerry asks Max "Is there anything you didn't tell her?" (meaning Max's girlfriend, Nancy, after he told her that he was a wizard) to which Max responds, "Yeah, I didn't tell her about the dragon dog because I still have no idea what happened to that."

You Can't Always Get What You Carpet - S1-E6

Corrected entry: When Justin takes Alex flying on the magical carpet, over the stadium, the ball hits Justin's head and falls to the ground. We all see it fall back, so what does Jerry mean when he tells Justin there was a baseball that never fell down?

Correction: Watch as the ball hits Justin, it actually falls to the left of him. Jerry says that the ball never came back down because the ball didn't fall back into the arena, so he never saw it fall.

Show generally

Corrected entry: In the episode where Dean is fixing up the car, Max comes down and asks everyone who put a super bouncy ball in his mind-reading tube. He just talked about magic in front of Dean and Justin's friend, but none of the Russo's say anything, and Dean or Justin's friend don't think it's anything out of the ordinary.

Correction: It is reasonable to presume that since Max always does crazy things no one takes him seriously.


Show generally

Corrected entry: In one episode, a genie tricks Alex and erases Justin's life, so it was like he was never born, but in the family living room, there are still family photos of him, most noticeably on the shelves near the lamp.

quite big

Correction: In the episode, the photos of Justin are identified as Uncle Ernesto.

But when Uncle Ernesto came for Theresa's birthday he looked nothing like Justin.

Alex's Choice - S1-E7

Corrected entry: Harper takes an apple off of a stand, causing them all to fall to the ground. Watch carefully and you'll notice that the stand is tilted downward and the front side is latched and released, which is what really causes the apples to fall.

Correction: Many fruit stands are tilted down. Harper is that unlucky that by picking up one apple, the latch that she didn't even touch would break and all the apples would fall.

Shannon Jackson

Correction: Yes, but when the ball hits Justin in the head, it goes to his left. So Jerry means that it never came back down to the field.

Correction: Yes, but when you say 'Gigi' it sounds like 'gg' so when you say it the name would be the same backwards or forwards.

Pop Me and We Both Go Down - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: In the episode "First Kiss," Justin has a girlfriend, Miranda. But in this episode Justin starts dating this new girl from his class, who's actually the same Miranda. This doesn't make any sense. How is she a new student and how could they just meet if they were dating eight episodes ago?


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Show generally

Question: Where do the stairs in the substation lead? It has been said multiple times that they lead to the living room of their loft but they are never seen. There are stairs on the sides but the ones going down are to their basement.

Answer: Honestly I've been confused too. Thought the ones going down went to Justin's bedroom or to the station. Then the ones out the door went maybe to an elevator to those stairs I guess. Then the one to the side went to the lair But the freezer also leads to the lair or a secret spot sometimes too.

I think the ones in the sub shop go right up to a hallway in front of the loft, then the ones in the lair go to the bedrooms upstairs. Now there's a way to get to the lair from the loft and I believe it would be past the kitchen down to the hallway where we don't really see except in like one episode. Now what confuses me the most is the lair because when Harper finds out you see Alex using magic to open it into the lair but in every other episode you open it and it's the lair.

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