Dexter (2006)

9 mistakes in season 8

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Monkey in a Box - S8-E11

Continuity mistake: In Season 3, Episode 2 during a conversation with Miguel's wife Sylvia, (Syl), and Rita in a kitchen, Syl says that they don't have any children after trying. In this episode, Syl is trying to help Dexter sell his condo and says that she downsized and focused more on "the kids."

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Every Silver Lining - S8-E2

Continuity mistake: Quinn brings Deb into the interrogation room and puts his coffee cup down about 6-8 inches from the end of the table. He then moves his chair and begins to talk to Deb without touching the coffee. In the next several shots the cup has moved to the middle of the desk, and the amount of steam rising from the cup keeps increasing as it sits there.


Remember the Monsters? - S8-E12

Plot hole: In order to elude Elway at the airport, Dexter fills a backpack with random items and leaves it unattended under a seat, and then tells a desk clerk that he saw Elway deliberately put the backpack there and walk away, which leads to security detaining Elway and the airport being evacuated. Airports have security cameras everywhere, so security would have reviewed the footage and seen Dexter was the one who placed the bag there. They then would have gone through all security footage since he entered the airport in order to deduce his identity and then located and arrested him.

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Remember the Monsters? - S8-E12

Plot hole: A couple episodes prior, Deputy Marshal Clayton stated that he shared Hannah's picture everywhere after receiving a tip that she may be in Miami. In the same episode, Hannah was spotted at a hospital and Clayton was called in about it. This should have only increased public awareness concerning her, but at the beginning of this episode, she somehow made it through airport security and all the way to her gate before spotting Elway and hiding from him in the ladies room.

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A Beautiful Day - S8-E1

Continuity mistake: In the shot where Angel gives Dexter a gift from the recently deceased Maria's office, we see Masuka through the window in front of Dexter. Masuka then enters Dexter's office, showing Masuka in two places at once for at least two seconds. (00:30:55)

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Suggested correction: That's not Masuka we see in the window. Not only is the person seen through the window wearing a different shirt, he's not bald like Masuka.


Those Kinds of Things - S6-E1

[MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" playing.]
Former Classmate: Come on, Dexter. It's hammer time.
Dexter: [internally] I have no idea what hammer time is. Or how it differs from regular time.


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My Bad - S5-E1

Trivia: When Dexter and Debra walk into her apartment, on the side of the fridge you see a take-out flyer that reads "killer menu."


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Show generally

Question: Since Harry knew about Dexter's homicidal tendencies, why would he train Dexter on how to kill people who got away with their crimes instead of taking him to a psychologist?

Answer: Two reasons. First, as a cop he knows that there are lots of murderers walking around free due to flaws in the system so he uses Dexter's "urges" to right the wrongs in the system by taking out people who have no right to walk around free. Secondly, by taking him to a psychologist he runs the risk of having him committed and he doesn't want that for obvious reasons, so he figures it is best to channel his urges to what he considers a greater good.


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