Equipment - S5-E4

Deliberate mistake: After Johnny's and Captain Stone's efforts, when the construction site's cardiac arrest is wheeled into Rampart, the problem is twofold; First, we hear Roy's voice saying, "Full arrest, number four," even though Roy is not actually on this run (that line is from S4xE21 "Back-Up", when they wheel the cardiac arrest into treatment 1, after defibbing him atop Engine 51). And second, the attendant pulling the stretcher changes, and the EKG monitor lying on the patient is the old blue Datascope 850 from earlier seasons (this shot is from S4xE7 "Daisy's Pick", the hypothermic victim - note his wrapped foot!), whereas at the construction site and when he's wheeled into the treatment room, the EKG monitor is the newer white Datascope M/D2.

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Pressure 165 - S5-E7

Deliberate mistake: When Roy and Johnny are on the Coast Guard helicopter, approaching Catalina Island with the injured diver, there is a closeup shot of them looking out the windows, which is a flipped shot - note the backwards paramedic patch on the right sleeve, instead of being on the left sleeve.

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The Old Engine Cram - S5-E2

Deliberate mistake: When Johnny and Roy are on the Coast Guard copter, responding to 'victim down at cliffs at Catalina Island', there are four closeups of the guys looking out the windows which are flipped shots - note their uniforms are backwards, the paramedic patches are on their right sleeves instead of their left.

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Equipment - S5-E4

Deliberate mistake: After the fireworks begin exploding at the warehouse fire, when Captain Stanley and Roy are helping Willy out, they are knocked to the ground by an explosion, and in two of the following exterior shots the large sign that reads "Kiddytime Toy Co" is visible. This shot is from season 4, episode "The Screenwriter", when the guys respond to the fire at the toy factory that also made fireworks.

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Grateful - S5-E21

Deliberate mistake: When Roy and Johnny are on Copter 10, just after dispatch tells them that the run is cancelled, there is a shot of Copter 10 turning around which is a flipped shot - note the backwards 10 on the tail.

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The Mouse - S4-E20

Revealing mistake: At the apartment complex fire, after Johnny is knocked unconscious by the explosion, when the Pasadena fireman finds him and has to lift him up, it's funny how even though Johnny's unconscious we can see that he actually helps to stand himself up, so the fireman can lift him up and carry him out.

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Breakdown - S6-E15

Charlie: I think you guys are playing games with me, and I don't like it.
Roy: Now, wait a minute. We're not playing games. We don't play games with the equipment...
Captain Stanley: Wait, hold on. C'mon everybody, look we're all on the same side here, aren't we?
Charlie: I wonder.
Captain Stanley: Charlie, why can't we put the squad in the shop and have us a reserve vehicle here?
Charlie: No, no, Hank. Not until I'm 100% sure that I can't fix it. If there's anything wrong with it. This coffee stinks. [Leaves the room.]
Captain Stanley: You guys playing some kind of joke on him?
John: We didn't make the coffee!
Captain Stanley: Not the coffee, you twit, the squad.
Roy: Cap, there's something wrong with that squad out there.
Captain Stanley: [sigh.] All right, if you say so... I made the coffee.

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The Game - S6-E1

Trivia: It's in this episode that the Heimlich Maneuver is used for the first time by the paramedics. At the USC game, when a guy is choking on a hot dog, John and Roy are called, and John uses the Heimlich. Up until season 6 we've seen the guys use other methods, such as the ChokeSaver which look like huge white tweezers, to remove obstructions in an airway, as seen in 4x9, "Foreign Trade."

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Show generally

Question: Why is the driveway in front of the station always wet? Day or night, whenever they pull in or out it looks like it was just hosed down.

Answer: It is standard practice to wet down driveways so that they stand out in a long shot.


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