I'll Fix It - S4-E2

Deliberate mistake: After Roy and Johnny rescue the man trapped under his house, when the ambulance reaches Rampart, in the shot from inside the ambulance when Roy follows the stretcher out, he stops at the receiving doors and waits for John, who just arrived in the squad, and in this semi-closeup, it's odd and very apparent that it's not actually Randolph Mantooth, it's his double meeting Roy at the door.

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Foreign Trade - S4-E9

Deliberate mistake: During the rescue of the car at the top of the draw bridge, The Boat approaches and radios in to say that they have a diver standing by. Then after Johnny shouts, "Are you all right?" the rescue boat is shown again, but this time it's a flipped shot - note that everything is reversed from the prior shot.

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Foreign Trade - S4-E9

Deliberate mistake: When O'Brien shows up at the nurses' station for Dixie's answer, after she declines the offer Dixie walks off to a patient who's brought in by the police, and the last closeup that's shown of O'Brien is flipped - note his hair is parted the opposite way and the background is backwards.

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905-Wild - S4-E22

Deliberate mistake: At the market, after the tiger knocks over the pyramid of Hi-C cans, which were set up blocking the aisle just for that purpose, the officer tells Les, "Down that aisle," and the next shot of the aisle is a flipped shot - note the backwards words on the upside-down boxes. Two shots later that same aisle is shown properly, not flipped.

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To Buy or Not to Buy - S5-E14

Other mistake: On scene at the traffic accident, when the woman and the boy with non-serious injuries are seated at the back of the ambulance, neither Roy or Johnny are going along with them to Rampart, yet Johnny puts the drug box inside the back of the ambulance with them, and the ambulance drives off. With their drug box! Captain Stanley even says that he'll advise dispatch that they're available for a run at the scene, while the guys will be looking for the dog.

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Trivia: On May 16, 2000, 28 years after the debut of "Emergency!" on television, due to the profound impact "Emergency!" had on the American EMS system, key props and memorabilia from the show were inducted into the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History, Division of Cultural History - the Public Service sector, located in Washington, D.C. Some of the items included: Original scripts, Biophone, trauma boxes, defibrillators, monitor, radios, turnout gear, helmets, and Roy's and Johnny's uniforms.

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The Mouse - S4-E20

Question: The old man that comes in with his wife that can't breathe, the one that the head nurse tries to counsel and tempts him with a cup of coffee. I believe he is Alfred Hitchcock, though his name is not listed anywhere. Alfred Hitchcock is known for his cameo appearances in his own shows and in other shows. Can someone confirm that this is him? This is driving me nuts... It is toward the end of the episode, but I cannot give you times.

Correct, it was J. Pat O'Malley...he also played the grandfather with his grandson when their rocket exploded, and also played "Old Bill" in the episode with Ann Prentiss, where Gage saves the little girl from the burning tree house, and her mother falls in love with him.

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