Emergency! (1972)

6 mistakes in Above and Beyond... Nearly - chronological order

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Above and Beyond... Nearly - S5-E20

Other mistake: After Dixie gets the call from the dental clinic about the possible MI, she and Brackett take the elevator located at the nurses' station and head up to the dental clinic on the third floor. Problem is that the ER is only a 2-storey building, so that is quite impossible.

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Above and Beyond... Nearly - S5-E20

Revealing mistake: Dixie and Brackett rush onto the elevator with a crash cart to go up to the third floor, for a possible MI in the dental clinic. The camera's POV is from the elevator, and in one continuous shot, without cutting away, we see the ER hallway through the open doors, then the doors close and in a few moments the doors open on the third floor. Even though the set has changed a bit, we can tell it's still the ER hallway by things such as the same scuff marks on the floor, and we can also catch a glimpse of the paramedic status board on the wall, where the base station room is located.

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The Promise - S3-E11

Trivia: During Richard's rescue from the ledge at Rampart, the snorkel that Roy and Brackett climb onto is Truck 127, from Station 127 aka Station 51. Truck 127 is used in many episodes requiring a snorkel, including 1x6, "Dealer's Wild" and 3x16, "Fools." There's a particularly nice shot at the end of this episode, when Engine 51 and Squad 51 are parked parallel to each other, and when Johnny responds to dispatch that Squad 51 is available, Truck 127 drives away between 51's vehicles. Nice touch.

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Surprise - S4-E6

Question: When the guys are hanging off the roof does anyone else see a white wire attached to the sign?

Answer: Yes, there's a thin cable secured to the sign's bottom mounting bracket which leads upward to the crane arm, and can be seen in quite a few shots at various angles. It's reasonable to presume that this cable which is secured to the crane was part of the sign's mounting process to the two wall brackets before the winds caused the accident, the premise of this rescue. For this reason it really can't be noted as "stunt wires being visible" or something like that.

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