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3 mistakes in The Haunting Of Bill Crouse

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The Haunting Of Bill Crouse - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: When Bill Crouse is in his home, near the end of the episode, he pours himself a glass of whiskey. He looks out of the window and see Jen's 'ghost', then screams and falls to the floor. As he's crawling backwards, he's no longer holding the glass of whiskey - and you don't hear it drop or smash. (00:21:45)


The Haunting Of Bill Crouse - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: Bill Crouse is sitting at a desk talking to his colleague about Jen. The first two shots show him sitting back on the chair with his legs up on the desk. The next shot, he has instantly moved to sitting normally with his legs down and leaning forward. (00:14:20)


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Suggested correction: After he says he was the last person to sleep with Jen, the camera is off him for at least 4 seconds, enough time for him to sit up.


Roy: Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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Calamity Jen - S1-E2

Question: In this episode, there's a commercial about "999" being changed to a ridiculous long number. While I get why it would be funny, was there some basis for joke itself? Like, was there talk about the UK changing the emergency number or something? Or is it just completely random. And when Roy says "how hard is it to remember 911, I mean 999", is this just a joke for American viewers to understand what 999 is? Or do British people say or use "911" too?


Answer: It's a joke on the "118" numbers in the UK. 118 numbers were used for directory enquiries and adverts for them on TV always tried to give a way to easily remember one for a particular company. The fake ad in the show takes it to the extreme. People in the UK do not use "911", the point of the joke was that Roy had forgotten "999" while saying it was easy to remember.

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