Hannah Montana

Trivia: The title of every episode is a reference to a song. For example, "Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting" refers to "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting" and so forth.

Trivia: In the first season and part of the second as well, when Miley speaks you can plainly hear that she has some kind of retainer or the like in her mouth. However she must have gotten it removed by the last half of season 2, because you can no longer hear it when she talks. It seems to be more prevalent when she's "Miley" and not "Hannah" but it's also more audible in some episodes than others.

Trivia: In the episode where Lilly and Luke are going out, a man and his two daughters are waiting for a table. Hannah comes in and gets a table. The man says, "Why didn't we get in?" One of the daughters says, "Face it, Dad. She's bigger than you." The other daughter says,"Well, he is one of the makers of the show Seinfeld." Then the other one says, "Yeah, we could get in if Uncle Jerry were here." She is referring to Jerry Seinfeld.


Trivia: Miley Cyrus originally auditioned for the part of Lilly.

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Trivia: Miley's sister, Noah, appears several times as an extra in the show. She usually has one or two lines.


Trivia: In the episode "No Sugar, Sugar," after Robby speaks to Jackson's girlfriend, Jackson says he was left on his Dad's doorstep by a wizard. He then proceeds to make a pointed hat. Disney has said this is an intentional reference to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer's Stone in the US).

Torn Between Two Hannahs - S1-E17

Trivia: In the Halloween episode, while Miley is telling Lilly how bad her cousin is, Lilly says, "Come on, the next thing you're going to tell me is that she sees dead people." In real life, Emily Osment's brother (Haley Joe Osment) played the boy in "The Sixth Sense" who said "I see dead people."

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You Gotta Lose This Job - S3-E7

Trivia: When 'Hannah' has the casting meeting with the "hotshot Hollywood honcho" Rob Reiner, she calls him "Meathead". For younger viewers who likely have no idea of its connection, in the 70s Rob Reiner was on a TV show called All in the Family, in which his father-in-law gave him the nickname Meathead.

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Would I Lie to You, Lilly? - S3-E6

Trivia: When the power goes out at Rico's, Sarah goes to the back where we see Ed Begley Jr. in an uncredited cameo. In real-life, he is one of the staunchest environmental activists in the 'Hollywood' community. Here, he's riding on a stationary bike which is powering the new generator, the 'Green' way.

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Trivia: Season 3, episode 29 "The Wheel Near My Bed (Keeps on Turnin')": When Lilly has briefly moved in with her dad, he answers the phone in a girly voice. He then says "Oh, hi Charlie!" This is a reference to Charlie Sheen who stars in 'Two and a Half Men', in which Jon Cryer, who plays Lilly's dad, also plays Charlie's younger brother on that show.


I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't - S1-E4

Trivia: Near the end of the episode, look at one of the posters outside the building where Hannah performed. Look familiar? It's Mary Jane Watson in her role in The Importance Of Being Ernest play from Spider-Man 2.

Trivia: Billy Ray Cyrus plays Robby Stewart, father of Jackson Stewart (Jason Earles). In real life, Cyrus is only 16 years older than Earles.

Trivia: Jason Earles was born in 1977, making him 28 when he first started filming Hannah Montana, playing a teenaged character.

You Gotta Lose This Job - S3-E7

Visible crew/equipment: When 'Hannah' and Lilly walk into Rob Reiner's office, the multiple head studio lights are reflected on Hannah's large black sunglasses.

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Miley Stewart: I can't believe it. I'm going out with a ninth grader! Wooo!
Robby Ray Stewart: Well, don't believe it, because I'm not letting you go. Wooo!

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