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Correction: Citing the credits is not trivia.

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Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret? - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In this episode, when Lilly tries to get Miley to see a Hannah Montana concert with her, Miley says she has to spend time with her brother. Lilly responds by saying she has a brother and wouldn't like spending time with him. Yet, in "Would I Lie to You, Lilly?" Lilly says she wishes she had a brother so she could go over to Miley's and it would be all better.


Correction: She never said she had a brother, she just says "quality time with your brother?"

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Corrected entry: In "Lilly Do You Want To Know A Secret?", in the scene where Miley and her dad are talking, Miley says she wants to walk on the beach. She puts on 1 shoe and then talks to her dad, but in the next scene both of her shoes on.

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Correction: First, she never "puts on" any shoe before she speaks to Robbie Ray, second, "both of her shoes" are NOT on, and third, this all occurs within the same scene. Miley walks in, sits down on the step, removes her right blue sneaker and we see she is wearing ankle high white socks. Then it cuts to close-ups as she and Robbie Ray speak while sitting on the step, and when they finally stand up she is only wearing the white socks - not shoes - when she walks out the back door.

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Corrected entry: Numerous times when they are on the beach, someone is wearing sunglasses and you can see the reflection of the lights.

Correction: That is the sun's reflection, which can look like set stagelights.

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Corrected entry: In 2-8 Mascot Love, Jackson is unclogging the garbage disposal which is part of the sewer system, but the dad gets the clog on his head in the shower. This is not possible because the Water and sewer are different pipelines.

Correction: Jackson was fiddling with the pipes and could've mested them up.

Correction: Oliver could of either switched lockers because of someone next to him, or been changed by the principal for school regulations.

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Lilly: Higher Oliver, I'm almost in.
Oliver: There is no higher. You're already standing on my head!
Lilly: Jump you idiot, jump!

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Trivia: In the episode where Lilly and Luke are going out, a man and his two daughters are waiting for a table. Hannah comes in and gets a table. The man says, "Why didn't we get in?" One of the daughters says, "Face it, Dad. She's bigger than you." The other daughter says,"Well, he is one of the makers of the show Seinfeld." Then the other one says, "Yeah, we could get in if Uncle Jerry were here." She is referring to Jerry Seinfeld.


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Question: In the episode with Uncle Earl in it, what happened at the end when Miley tried to help him out of the chair?

Answer: He falls and breaks the chair, landing on the deck.

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