Skins (2007)

2 mistakes in Katie And Emily

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Katie And Emily - S3-E9

Factual error: When Emily holds up her phone to see Naomi is calling her, the date on the screen is Friday 10th of July- this takes place several days before the Love Ball. However on the posters for the Love Ball the date for it is Tuesday 30th of June.


Katie And Emily - S3-E9

Continuity mistake: When Emily and Katie are in their room, Katie is getting clothes at her closet and talking to Emily about going to the Love Ball. She says to Emily, "Please, I need you, OK?" Then James comes in and Katie, who is naked, hides herself with the clothes she has in her hand. First the two clothes hangers are black, then in the next shot one is black and the other is purple. (00:22:15)

Chris Miles: Last night man, cool. Total blast. Everything you could ever want from an evening. Songs, choir girls, colourful costumes, fellatio... rabbits.

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J.J. - S3-E7

Trivia: In Cook's apartment there is some writing on the wall that says "Chris loves fish" which is a reference to generation 1 with the character Chris having a subtle obsession with fish. (00:29:05)

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