Degrassi: The Next Generation

With or Without You - S8-E6

Character mistake: When Sav asks Ali if she wants people to think she's not good enough for their family, Ali accidentally calls Sav "Ray" when she responds: "Yes, Ray, that's exactly what I want." Raymond "Ray" Ablack is the name of the actor who plays Sav. (00:17:31)


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Suggested correction: Actually she says: "Yes. Right, that's exactly what I want." Not "yes Ray."

I know the subtitle says "right", but I hear "Ray" as well. Plus, it fits better in the line for her to use someone's name. Usually when someone is sarcastically agreeing they'll say "yeah, right" or "yes, [person's name]."


Show generally

Continuity mistake: When Emma gets into Jay's car for the first time, she has random braids in her hair. When she gets home and is talking to her parents, she has no braids. When she goes to the ravine, she has braids again.

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Take My Breath Away - S2-E10

Trivia: Craig says that Manny reminded him of his 5 year old step sister, Angela. In real life Manny and Angela are sisters (Cassie and Alexa Steele).

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