Degrassi: The Next Generation
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Paige: A big romantic with a disposable income. The best kind.

Mohammed: Hey it's the More of Everything Girl! I think you should join the sumo team. Seriously.
Terri: Hey! Most girls on the planet look like this, so get used to it.
Paige: No kidding.
Terri: I made 500 bucks today as a plus-sized model! Yeah, plus-sized! What do you make, ice cream boy?

JT: Hey Liberty, girlfriend.

Dean: Come on, Spirit. We had fun.
Paige: Fun? You call what you did to me FUN?

Terri: Why do you have to be so mean?
Paige: I'm not mean, I'm right.

Paige: I saw better dancing at Heather Sinclair's grade three sock hop.

Kevin Smith: Even in my own films I don't get the girl. I get Jay, and sometimes a monkey.

Paige: So, what, you're just forgiving creep boy for beating you up?
Terri: He apologized.
Paige: Of course... his kind always does, so they can get another shot in at you.
Rick Murray: One, you have no right to dictate who Terri's friends are, and, two, you're a vicious backstabber.
Paige: Oh I'm vicious.
Rick Murray: Everything you say is a judgment... you think you're so perfect.
Paige: What?.. well I'd rather be that than a psycho.

Marco: OK, what did you write on the card?
Craig: Okkkk, you ARE a girl.

Alex: I don't play well with others.

Dean's Friend: He's a little old for you.
Paige: And you're a little jealous.

Dylan: What is this, hug the homo day?

Spinner: I can't, man. My bat... it's wooden.
Jimmy: Sorry, my ears were plugged this morning. Sorry?
Spinner: I have a boner.
Jimmy: Oh.
Spinner: And it's been like this all week. A girl walks by and just, bam! It's all because of Emma's stupid science fair project.
Jimmy: What does the project have to do with it?
Spinner: She made me eat granola and fruit.
Jimmy: Bananas don't give you boners. Hormones do.
Spinner: All I know is that I ate some healthy food and now I'm like, a sex Superman.

Paige: Hello oldest friend and fabulous boyfriend? What on earth are you talking about?

Craig: I'm fine.
Joey: No one is fine after losing someone. I wasn't there with your mom. I just think the pain's gonna catch up to you.

Joey: I know that you thought The Zits were a joke.
Caitlin: I did not.
Joey: But if we had some guidance back then, maybe things would have been different.
Caitlin: And maybe if you'd written more than one song.

Craig: And who says money can't buy you happiness.

Sean Cameron: Poetry is crime. No idea how to rhyme. Stupid waste of time.
Ms. Laura Kwan: A poem about hating poetry?

Ashley: Craig, I asked you here because I need to talk to you.
Craig: Great, every guy's favorite words.

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Continuity mistake: When Emma gets into Jay's car for the first time, she has random braids in her hair. When she gets home and is talking to her parents, she has no braids. When she goes to the ravine, she has braids again.

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Trivia: Adam is the first scripted trans-gender teen character in television history (not including documentaries or one-time guest roles).


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