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Time Tunnel (1966)

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Merlin the Magician - S1-E27

Deliberate mistake: Here, as in many other episodes, Doug and Tony are time-shifted wearing period (in this case, Viking) clothing. But they tumble into their next adventure magically wearing their left-behind 20th Century clothes again. (00:45:30)

Jean G
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Suggested correction: A comment, not a correction to your astute and correct observation about the Time Tunnel. Aside from it being episodic television that allows characters to look the same in all situations, I believe Tony and Doug keep their clothing, hair length, lack of facial hair, etc, because the Time Tunnel "remembered" the exact disposition of Tony and Doug when they first entered the Tunnel, allowing them to keep their clothing, hair length, etc., as they slip through time. Any "Time Tunnel" aficionados wishing to add more to this would make a fascinating discussion.


A valid speculation with which I agree, but as the poster himself points out, not a correction.

Jean G

Rendezvous with Yesterday - S1-E1

Character mistake: When Tony talks to captain of Titanic he states he was born in 1938, but in episode 4 "The Day The Sky Fell In" it is December 1941, he should be 3 years old, but as a young child he is about 12 years old.

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Trivia: Throughout the series, many shots of the extensive time tunnel project are actually "borrowed" footage of the Krell laboratory complex from the 1956 film Forbidden Planet.

Jean G
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