Trivia: With the exception of season 1 every season finale starts with the song "Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas. In season 1 the song was used in the second to last episode which was part one of a two part finale.

Maria Santos

Mystery Spot - S3-E11

Trivia: Dean dies 10 different ways in this episode. 1. Shot in the chest. 2. Hit by car. 3. Heavy piece of furniture dropped on head. 4. Chokes on piece of sausage. 5. Slips and falls in the shower. 6. Food poisoning. 7. Electrocuted. 8. Accidentally killed by Sam with an ax. 9. Attacked by a dog. 10. Killed by mugger.

Trivia: The Metallicar is a 4-door 327 4 barrel Small Block Engine 1967 Chevy Impala.


After School Special - S4-E13

Trivia: In 'After School Special' Dean says the the regular gym teacher is getting married in Massachusetts. This is a reference to how female gym teachers are thought to be gay. At the time of the airing of this episode Massachusetts was the only state in the U.S. that allowed gay marriage.

Maria Santos

The Usual Suspects - S2-E7

Trivia: At The End of the episode, Dean says to Sam "hey did she look familiar?" Then says "are you hungry? I could go for some pea soup." He's referring to Linda Blair in the Exorcist. She played a cop in this episode.

Trivia: Sam and Dean are named after their mother Mary's parents, Samuel and Deanna.

Ask Jeeves - S10-E6

Trivia: This episode is a nod to the game Clue. Each weapon appears in a shot. Dash grabs the revolver. Dean grabs the candlestick, wrench, lead pipe and rope. Phillip was stabbed by the knife. Also there is six people invited to the party, three men and three women, referencing the guests who usually attend the Clue game party.

And Then There Were None - S6-E16

Revealing mistake: Samuel is very much dead, laid out on the table in the canning factory employee lounge, but as Sam stands over him, talking about whether or not it was right to gank him, you can see Samuel's chest rising and falling as he breathes. (00:26:30)

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Season 5 generally

Question: In the one episode Gabriel attempted to kill Lucifer with his archangel blade. Even though he didn't succeed, why didn't they attempt to do use one before? Couldn't Cas have given them one, or gotten one if an archangel's blade is different then an angel blade (I'm not sure), or would it have even killed Lucifer, because he is an angel after all?


Answer: Angel blades come from angels. It's their angelic magic that makes it special. Therefore, an archangel blade is made magical with the powers of an archangel. They couldn't have just created one or used one, as none of them are archangels.

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