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Correction: This is an error with Netflix, not the show itself. The subtitles on the DVD say Cantonese.

Annabel Keeley

Swap Meat - S5-E12

Corrected entry: Sam switches bodies with a 17 year old kid named Gary. NOTE: Sam has always been taller than Dean. When Dean and Gary (in Sam's body) are walking and talking, Dean looks down to talk to Gary. Since Gary is supposed to be in Sam's body, Dean should be looking slightly up. Also, when Dean finally listens to his voice-mail and hears Sam (in Gary's body) we hear Sam's voice. We should have been hearing Gary's.

Robert Sullinger

Correction: They made a valid choice to be accurate about eye contact between characters instead of accurate about gaze height. But the voice issue would make an excellent separate mistake.


Changing Channels - S5-E8

Corrected entry: Gabriel is referred to as an archangel. While that is a common misconception, and while Gabriel was one of the serafs, he was not the archangel. By definition, there can only be one archangel, and according to the Bible, that's Michael. You'd think Gabriel would be aware of that.

Correction: It is mentioned and/or implied in 'Supernatural' that there are, in fact, four archangels: Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Raphael. The show doesn't adhere to the Bible as we know it; it takes elements from it but the mythology of the show has its own course. Castiel even says during one episode, "Your Bible gets more wrong than it does right."


Correction: In Season 3, Episode 13 Ghostfacers, it is established that ghosts can cause a "supernatural lockdown" meaning all exits are rendered useless (Doors and windows won't open and most likely can't be broken open/down either). They probably realized this was something similar and didn't even bother knowing it would be useless.

Shannon Jackson

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Season 5 generally

Question: In the one episode Gabriel attempted to kill Lucifer with his archangel blade. Even though he didn't succeed, why didn't they attempt to do use one before? Couldn't Cas have given them one, or gotten one if an archangel's blade is different then an angel blade (I'm not sure), or would it have even killed Lucifer, because he is an angel after all?


Answer: Angel blades come from angels. It's their angelic magic that makes it special. Therefore, an archangel blade is made magical with the powers of an archangel. They couldn't have just created one or used one, as none of them are archangels.

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