Fan Fiction - S10-E5

Plot hole: Marie says at the beginning that Chuck quit writing after Swan Song (season 5). Later she says she hates the "Metastories" which don't happen until season 9. She couldn't have known about the Metastories since those books were not published.

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Suggested correction: I was mistaken about what a 'meta-story' is when I wrote this. A meta-story is when the characters refer to their own fictional state. I thought it was referring to the Metatron stories.

Hibbing 911 - S10-E8

Revealing mistake: Sam types the address Donna gave him into an untitled note, which is supposed to act as a Maps search engine. A second later, a map with the address pulls up. His phone also says it's 9:56/9:58 a.m. (00:31:15)


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Trivia: With the exception of season 1 every season finale starts with the song "Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas. In season 1 the song was used in the second to last episode which was part one of a two part finale.

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Answer: Over the next few episodes, it is revealed that something is not quite right with Sam - that his soul is missing since he returned from Hell, and he does not feel any emotion or attachment to his brother.

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