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Answer: The comedic gimmick of both "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family" television shows in the 1960s was that both families were convinced they were normal and everyone else they encountered was odd. The Addams Family, for example, thought their "normal" visitors were mentally unbalanced because they always fled the Addams' weird home in panic. That was a running gag throughout the entire Addams Family series, so much so that easily half of nearly every episode was devoted to the predictably terrified reactions of their visitors (always accompanied by identical canned laughter). Meanwhile, in the Munsters' universe, the family thought "normal" people were physically deformed and even quite hideous. For example, the Munsters believed that their beautiful niece, Marilyn, was socially handicapped by her ugliness (the exact opposite of the truth); and, in the episode "Just Another Pretty Face" (S2E17), when Herman Munster was temporarily transformed into a "normal" person, his entire family found him utterly repulsive. The family's hidden revulsion to "normal" people was the running gag of The Munsters.

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Answer: They do not see themselves as being the different ones.

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Season 2 generally

Continuity mistake: After Herman breaks through the doors in the opening sequence, the underlying wood over the right side of the hole is plain plywood. When it's Lily's turn to come out, the wood has been stained to match the rest of the door, and Herman's outline is more distinct.

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Herman Picks a Winner - S2-E16

Herman: After I'm through with you, you're never going to gamble again as long as you live.
Eddie: How much do you wanna bet?
Herman: I'll bet you a quarter, and I'll give you two to one!

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Trivia: Beverly Owen played the part of Marilyn for thirteen episodes believing the show would flop. When The Munsters became a hit, she started crying because of being away from her boyfriend who lived in New York. She was let go and the part of Marilyn went to Pat Priest who had such an uncanny resemblance to Beverly that people watching the show never knew the difference.

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