Gilligan's Island

Trivia: In the opening credits of the black-and-white episodes, the US flag at the marina is at half-mast because the opening was filmed shortly after the Kennedy assassination.

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Trivia: The opening theme of season 1 ends with "And the rest". At the insistance of Bob Denver (Gilligan), "And the rest" was replaced with "The Professor and Mary Ann". Denver wanted equal credit for all actors/actresses.

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The Secret of Gilligan's Island - S3-E25

Trivia: This episode was the only episode to feature a single regular castaway from the show (other than Gilligan) to ruin a rescue attempt at the end. The professor was to blame in this one by making a mistake.

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Suggested correction: In the episode "The Big Gold Strike", it's realised that the gold can't be taken with them as it would cause the raft to sink. The end of the episode has the raft sinking and everyone, excluding Gilligan, admitting that they took some gold with them so it was everybody's fault with the exception of Gilligan as he actually didn't have any gold on him.

This should be considered another trivia entry, not a correction. The trivia entry says "single" regular castaway, so it's excluding the group causing the failure.


Correct. I knew about the "gold" episode which is why I wrote "single" castaway (to indicate just one regular and eliminate episodes involving guests that ruined rescue attempts). Thank you for that.

Up at Bat - S3-E1

Trivia: During Gilligan's vampire dream, the characters are gathered at Belfrey Hall, a play on the phrase, "Bats in the belfry", an insult for describing someone who is crazy.


Trivia: During the series, the Skipper's pinkie ring is always visible. The ring was Alan Hale Jr.'s father's and they were supposed to film a movie together. But his father passed away before it could happen. He always wore it to honor his father.

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Trivia: The island shown in the opening and closing credits is actually located about a mile offshore from the island of Oahu.


Trivia: Mrs. Howell was commonly referred to as "Lovey" by Mr. Howell and viewers know her by that name. Her first name actually was Eunice (though that name was never used in the show).

The Sweepstakes - S2-E5

Trivia: This is the only episode with a dream sequence that does NOT include all seven castaways in the dream. Mrs. Howell does not appear in the dream in this episode.

Ring Around Gilligan - S3-E9

Trivia: At the end, during the practice robbery of "Fort Knox", Balinkoff stops the Castaways when they're moving too slow and tells them, "Be neat, sweet, petite...but be fast!" 'Neat, sweet, and petite' are lyrics in the theme for The Addams Family.

Gilligan vs. Gilligan - S3-E2

Trivia: As Ginger, the Professor, Mrs. Howell, and Skipper talk, look at the handled device on top of the cabinet. It's the valve created in Season 2, Episode 25, "Steam Heat", when the Castaways thought there was a hot spring on the island, and wanted hot water for bathing and dishes.

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Trivia: Every cast member appeared in every episode.

Man with a Net - S3-E7

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the episode, all the castaways are passed out cold when Lord Beasley finally catches his butterfly. Right after saying the line "That's the trouble with you Americans - you simply don't know how to hold your tea" as he's exiting off camera, Mrs. Howell starts to open her eyes slightly, but then quickly shuts them again. Perhaps she thought the cameras stopped rolling.

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Skipper Jonas Grumby: Ginger, I've got a problem... I've got a real problem... Now you're a girl, right?
Ginger Grant: Well, if you're not sure about that, you have got a problem.

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Voodoo - S3-E5

Question: In this episode, as the Professor is put into a trance, in the background, there seems to be a radio or television transmission tower that can be seen over the roof of the hut. It's blurry, but doesn't seem to be a standard palm tree. Is this a mistake, or set error, or my imagination?

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Chosen answer: It looks like a mistake to me I see it when the Professor is put into a trance, but it is not there later.

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