Gilligan's Island

Man with a Net - S3-E7

Stupidity: All castaways knew about the highly potent drinks, but they each drank it all instead of just pretending to drink with fake sips each time Lord Beasley took a sip - thus knocking every one of the castaways out cold and losing another rescue.

All About Eva - S3-E14

Stupidity: After Eva Grubb first arrives on the island and states her frustrations to the castaways, she walks away and the Professor reveals a plan to not leave her in her current condition and have a boat sent back for her to get her some help. How is he going to do this? If he could contact civilization to get Eva a boat, then how come he could never do the same to get themselves rescued? Furthermore, how would he be able to contact anyone to help Eva anyway?

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Suggested correction: You completely misunderstood his plan and the episode up to that point. Eva arrived by boat and ended up giving the boat key to the group. The group was going to leave the island on Eva's boat, but she wanted to stay and wouldn't go with them. But in his opinion, she was too emotional to stay on the island alone, so after they got back home, using Eva's boat, the group would find help and that help would go back to the island to bring Eva home.


Smile, You're on Mars Camera - S2-E4

Stupidity: When the castaways stand in front of the camera waiting for it to operate, they hold signs up saying "SOS", "Help!", etc. thinking that will get them rescued. Even once the camera finally works and the gentlemen running the camera see them, this would do the castaways no good considering there is only picture (No sound) and the viewers think this is Mars. No location they were at were on the signs, and they can't be heard so the signs made were fully irrelevant for a rescue attempt.

Man with a Net - S3-E7

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the episode, all the castaways are passed out cold when Lord Beasley finally catches his butterfly. Right after saying the line "That's the trouble with you Americans - you simply don't know how to hold your tea" as he's exiting off camera, Mrs. Howell starts to open her eyes slightly, but then quickly shuts them again. Perhaps she thought the cameras stopped rolling.

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Skipper Jonas Grumby: Ginger, I've got a problem... I've got a real problem... Now you're a girl, right?
Ginger Grant: Well, if you're not sure about that, you have got a problem.

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Question: Why did the Howells, Ginger and Mary Ann have so many changes of clothes with them? It was only a three hour tour.

Answer: Bob Denver answered this when he was on a talk show hosted by Pat Sajak. He said they were going to write into an episode where the castaways found all these clothes, but it got too complicated, so he said, they decided, "who cares, it's only a TV show," and forgot about it. So the writers and actors even asked this, they just never bothered to address it.

Answer: It was a running gag about how out of touch with reality they are, because they are so rich, that they think they need to bring an extensive wardrobe with them everywhere they go.

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