Gilligan's Island

Don't Bug the Mosquitoes - S2-E12

Other mistake: The 4 band members, all their equipment, months worth of food supplies, I am assuming medical supplies, change of clothes and other sundry items all magically fit into a small two seat helicopter.


Pass the Vegetables, Please - S3-E3

Other mistake: After Gilligan gets up to take the sand to Mary Ann, the camera closes in on the box lid. After it does, the picture goes into a freeze frame because the ripples in the water of the lagoon stop dead still for the few seconds until the dissolve into the next scene.

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Topsy-Turvy - S3-E10

Other mistake: At the end, after Mary Ann puts the pie down, and Gilligan drinks the juice, he hits the table, flipping the pie into the skipper's face. First, the Skipper starts to wince when Gilligan hits the table, preparing for the gag. Second, the pie tin defies physics by staying exactly in place on the board after the pie leaves it, and after the board bounces once and settles down. Third, Gilligan dips his finger directly into the cream on the Skipper's face, rather than missing a few times.

Man with a Net - S3-E7

Other mistake: On the beginning, the butterfly Beasley calls the Pussycat Swallowtail is yellow. Later it's orange. Also, when Beasley holds the cage with the painted butterfly, you can see the wires making the puppet move.

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Feed the Kitty - S2-E24

Other mistake: Mary Ann comes up to the Skipper while he's learning to juggle. If you look closely, the coconut bounces on the ground a couple of inches from his left foot. When Gilligan approaches, the coconut bounces off the bottom shelf. And in both times, the Skipper reacted in pain.

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Gilligan's Living Doll - S2-E21

Other mistake: When the Howells give their suggestions, if you look at the dark rectangle, you can see the word REJECT before it lights up. Likewise, when Ginger talks to it, you see TILT before it lights up.

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Goodbye Island - S1-E9

Other mistake: Where Gilligan is yelling to everyone "Don't get on the minnow, the glue won't hold!" you can see a pack of Chesterfield cigarettes sticking out of his left front pants pocket.

How to Be a Hero - S1-E24

Other mistake: As the Skipper is on the ground under the tree waiting for Ginger to get Gilligan, the headhunter is crawling behind him. You can see some smoke in the lower left corner, likely cigarette smoke from a crew member.

The Big Gold Strike - S1-E10

Other mistake: As the girls are trying to land their catch, the Skipper comes by and starts to help. Although he was walking by, when he starts to help, his pants legs are already wet from previous takes.

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Two on a Raft - S1-E2

Other mistake: At the beginning of the episode when the Skipper wakes up on the boat this scene is actually from the original pilot, as you can see the 3 different actors that played the part of the professor, Ginger, and Mary Ann. (00:01:20)

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Suggested correction: The original actors ARE shown, true. However their characters slightly differred in the original pilot. They were known as a high school teacher, Ginger, and Bunny.

The Secret of Gilligan's Island - S3-E25

Other mistake: At the end, the Professor and Skipper walk up on Gilligan, who's busy chiseling a message on a stone. Look carefully, because he's hitting the chisel, but the tip never touches the stone, and the 'E' in 'HOME SWEET HOME' (the message Gilligan is working on) is plainly visible.

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The Sound of Quacking - S1-E8

Visible crew/equipment: During the dream sequence, when Gilligan starts a showdown with Mr. Howell and the Professor, someone's face appears in the window in the background for a second, and it's none of the castaways - someone in the filming crew most likely.

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Eunice Wentworth "Lovey" Howell: Anyone who says money can't buy happiness doesn't know where to shop.

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Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue - S2-E15

Question: I'm very confused about the ending. During an interview, the interviewer says that the Navy are unable to find the castaways because Erika's log book is written in English translated from Hungarian. If her log book was translated from Hungarian to English, then how could the Navy be unable to use it to find the island and rescue everybody? She left out latitude and longitude but, there must have been something in the log book to give an idea of where the island was.

Answer: Hungarian-to-English translation aside, Erika's log-book entries were utterly meaningless. When the radio interviewer expresses confusion, Erika even reads entries from the log: "You take a left at a big, beautiful, pink tropical flower, then pull over and park," and "After the storm, we backed up and made a U-turn," etc. Her directions were scatterbrained, to put it nicely. Additionally, Erika's yacht was forced to leave the island during a tropical storm, and they lost their bearings for several days before the Navy found them. Given that Erika was such a scatterbrain, we might also assume that she didn't hire the most competent yacht crew, either.

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