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Feed the Kitty - S2-E24

Corrected entry: They build a raft/cage for Leo and send him off (likely he would not survive the trip anyway) without any thought of attaching a note telling people where they are.


Correction: They didn't send the lion off deliberately, they caged him and the tide swept it away.

ctown28 Premium member

Correction: They are no longer close to the meteor at this point. They are in a different area making a lead-covered lightning rod. Remember, Gilligan woke from his dream during the storm and ran quite a distance in the meteor's direction, and also threw the rod over to the meteor, so the three weren't that close at all.

The Hunter - S3-E18

Corrected entry: When Kincaid asks Gilligan if there are other people on the island besides him, Gilligan says "Yeah there's six of us." Kincaid then says to his sidekick, "Seven people on an island and no one knows they're here." How could he have known there's seven people when Gilligan said "there's six of us"?

Correction: He could have thought Gilligan meant six more. Or he could have included himself in that group.

Greg Dwyer

Man with a Net - S3-E7

Corrected entry: In this episode, Gilligan steals Beesley's flare gun and the castaways convince him to shoot it so they can be rescued, but it fails because the flares were taken out by Beesley. This episode indicates the castaways didn't have a flare gun of their own, yet in another episode (with the Mr. Howell impostor), the Professor gave Mr. Howell a working flare gun to use if he needed it. Why was This flare gun never used to be rescued?

Correction: In Season 1: Episode 3 "Voodoo Something to Me", the Skipper got everyone up each night to fire off a flare. Towards the end, Gilligan got the flare gun away from the chimp that had stolen it, and accidentally fired it into the supply hut where the rest of the flares were. This in turn set off all the flares. If one or two were spared, they'd be saved for a time there would be a sure chance of being seen.

Movie Nut

Man with a Net - S3-E7

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the episode, all the castaways are passed out cold when Lord Beasley finally catches his butterfly. Right after saying the line "That's the trouble with you Americans - you simply don't know how to hold your tea" as he's exiting off camera, Mrs. Howell starts to open her eyes slightly, but then quickly shuts them again. Perhaps she thought the cameras stopped rolling.

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Professor Roy Hinkley: Well, that glue is permanent! There's nothing on the island to dissolve it. Why do you know what it would take? It would take a polyester derivative of an organic hydroxide molecule.
Thurston Howell III: Watch your language! You're in the presence of a lady.

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Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue - S2-E15

Question: I'm very confused about the ending. During an interview, the interviewer says that the Navy are unable to find the castaways because Erika's log book is written in English translated from Hungarian. If her log book was translated from Hungarian to English, then how could the Navy be unable to use it to find the island and rescue everybody? She left out latitude and longitude but, there must have been something in the log book to give an idea of where the island was.

Answer: Hungarian-to-English translation aside, Erika's log-book entries were utterly meaningless. When the radio interviewer expresses confusion, Erika even reads entries from the log: "You take a left at a big, beautiful, pink tropical flower, then pull over and park," and "After the storm, we backed up and made a U-turn," etc. Her directions were scatterbrained, to put it nicely. Additionally, Erika's yacht was forced to leave the island during a tropical storm, and they lost their bearings for several days before the Navy found them. Given that Erika was such a scatterbrain, we might also assume that she didn't hire the most competent yacht crew, either.

Charles Austin Miller

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