Prisoner: Cell Block H
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Bea Smith: I'm going Freak-hunting.

Joan "The Freak" Ferguson: Where's Bea Smith?
Doreen Anderson-Burns: Oh, she went to see the Governor.
Joan "The Freak" Ferguson: I hear that she is Top Dog amongst you prisoners, how'd she get that privilege?
Doreen Anderson-Burns: Oh, I don't know.
Joan "The Freak" Ferguson: Funny, seems like everyone knows about the famous Bea Smith, except the ones that work with her.
Bea Smith: Why don't you ask me? I know all about her.

Frances Harvey: You'll get yours, ya fat dyke bitch.

Episode #1.57 - S1-E57

Deliberate mistake: After MacNelly enters the ladies room to confront the red haired lady, she shoots the woman in the chest, but there's no gunshot or bullet hole or blood anywhere. But the red haired lady dramatically collapses to the floor. Then during a closeup, glances upward at MacNelly, and then her head droops downward.

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