The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone (1959)

Episode list - season 1

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All season 1 mistakesMistakes
Show generally0
1Where is Everybody?6
2One for the Angels4
3Mr. Denton on Doomsday1
4The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine0
5Walking Distance1
6Escape Clause4
7The Lonely3
8Time Enough at Last4
9Perchance to Dream2
10Judgment Night3
11And When the Sky Was Opened1
12What You Need2
13The Four of Us are Dying2
14Third From the Sun2
15I Shot an Arrow into the Air2
16The Hitch-Hiker3
17The Fever3
18The Last Flight8
19The Purple Testament2
21Mirror Image2
22The Monsters are Due on Maple Street1
23A World of Difference0
24Long Live Walter Jameson1
25People Are Alike All Over0
27The Big Tall Wish1
28A Nice Place to Visit3
29Nightmare as a Child4
30A Stop at Willoughby0
31The Chaser0
32A Passage for Trumpet3
33Mr. Bevis6
34The After Hours1
35The Mighty Casey1
36A World of His Own0
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Come Wander with Me - S5-E34

Trivia: Producer William Froug rejected an extremely nervous young singer/actress auditioning for the part of Mary Rachel, and recalls thinking that "I'll probably kick myself. She'll probably be a big star." He turned out to be right on both counts. The aspiring young singer's name was Liza Minnelli.

Jean G

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The Trade-Ins - S3-E31

Question: Who portrayed the female 'new model' alongside the male 'new model' (Edson Stroll)? She did not have a speaking part.

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