The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Cody Goes to Camp - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When London and Mr. Moseby crash through the wall with a car, there's a white betong-block on top of the car, but a few shots later, it's turned itself around a little bit more to the middle. (00:12:35)

Show generally

Revealing mistake: The top of the Tipton Hotel is animated. You can tell because in the opening of any episode showing the top of the hotel, there should be 3 visible peaks. You can see 2 peaks and if you look where the middle peak should be, you can see through the top of the hotel to the sky on the other side.

Hotel Inspector - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: Zack and Cody's mom takes away the rats to Zack and Cody's bedroom. She goes behind the sofa, but in the next shot of the door, she's not to be seen anymore.

Grounded on the 23rd Floor - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: Zack and Cody skate in the lobby and push a guy with a golf bag. It falls and spills the golf clubs onto the floor. A big guy trips on it and falls over Mr. Moseby, and after that the golf bag is not seen. (00:00:35)

The Arwin That Came To Dinner - S3-E8

Factual error: In Season 3, "The Arwin That Came To Dinner," in the scene where Arwin is licking his plate clean (that supposedly had food on it), notice that when he does this you can hear that high pitched waxy sound. Oddly enough, if you get a clean plate straight from the dishwasher and rub skin against it, you can hear that same sound. Meaning that there was never any food on it.

Commercial Breaks - S1-E25

Continuity mistake: In the episode "Commerical Break," they start to film the commerical for the first time without London and with Mr. Mosby. London gets upset and sits down on a couch where they are shooting the commerical. She and the couch leave the shot for a second, and London is gone when they show the couch again.


[London is opening a fashion boutique.]
Mr. Moseby: How's the boutique business coming, London?
London Tipton: it's going to be fabi! I'm putting purses over here and matching belts over there.
Mr. Moseby: And do you have a business plan?
London Tipton: Weren't you listening? I'm putting purses over here and matching belts over there.
Maddie Fitzpatrick: No, no, he's talking about financial planning. Ordering stock, taking inventory...
London Tipton: I said, I'm putting purses over here and matching belts over there.

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Answer: Keep in mind, Muriel wasn't very popular. So the writers/directors must have thought it'd be a good idea to let go of the character. No one seems to be complaining.

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