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Dark Phoenix (1): Dazzled - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: When Wyngarde first invades Jean's dream and places her down on the bed, she has a mole near her left nostril. Later in the scene when she is looking overboard, the mole is next to the corner of her lips, and even briefly disappears from her face. (00:13:35 - 00:14:23)

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Dark Phoenix (1): Dazzled - S3-E11

Other mistake: When Wyngarde is facing the wall after White Queen breaks his mental contact with Jean, he is casting a shadow against the wall. However, as the White Queen approaches him, she has no shadow of her own. (00:15:17)

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Trivia: Following Disney's acquisition of Fox, the creators of this show pitched a revival to stream on Disney+. Producer Larry Houston has said he would come out of retirement specifically to work on this. The revival, tentatively titled "X-Men '97" was announced on Disney+ Day in November of 2021 for a 2023 premiere date, with much of the original cast returning.

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Red Dawn - S2-E4

Question: Does anyone know what the Russian writing says on the wall behind Omega Red when he is standing at the podium and talking about the return of the Soviet Union? (00:15:08)

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Chosen answer: It says MPO "First Exemplary Printing House" which is a real printing company in Russia founded by Ivan Dmitrievich Sytin in 1889. There seems to be something about "named after..." as well.

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