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6.6./10. It was something. You had 6 gorgeous women on there at one time or another doing private eye work, glamour and glitz were abound. But look beyond that after awhile and what's there?Nothing, absolutely nothing.Charlie's Angels was flat out blatant T&A for the sake of T&A.You can only present a show on this for so long before people catch on.I used to think feminists were responsible for killing off Charlie's Angels.Now though I realize they killed themselves off. The plots were either nonsensical or rather weak.They constantly wore tight stuff usually doing women oriented jobs like stewardesses. The whole thing was a joke with only one of them realizing it.I would describe each actress as follows: Shelley Hack: Best one of them who got messed over by the producers and Cheryl Ladd as it was said she wanted to be the only blond, also felt threatened by her height.Shelley was the most believable one and deserved better treatment. Tanya Roberts: A little bland but she never tried to hog the spotlight, one who didn't fit in with the dynamics but chosen because of her looks, seemed nice. Farrah Fawcett: The worst of them acting wise who couldn't cut it outside of this T&A show.She was smart enough though to see it for what it was and leave. Jaclyn Smith: Plays every character the same with hardly any difference.She seemed content to sit on her butt and let the feud of Ladd vs Jackson, Ladd bullying Hack happen.She cared only about herself, sneaky really sneaky type here. Kate Jackson:Why they brought in this schoolmarm looking type I don't know.If the show was supposed to be about glamour and glitz she fit in as much as a cat does in a dog pound. She too, like Ladd and Fawcett, suffered from a swollen head and big ego.Now finally Cheryl Ladd: She may have seemed friendly but wasn't Underneath that smiling exterior lurked a bitter type who resented being referred to as Farrah's replacement.She fought with Jackson, one reason for her to quit also bullied Hack over what I've listed. This woman had issues, has tried a singing gig like Lynda Carter and, like her, can't carry a tune.I finish saying Aaron Spelling was one of the most devious minded men ever in television.He ranks up there with Dick Wolf and Gene Roddenberry as some of the worst to ever get any show on air.


Absolutely love this show and have since way back then.

Tricia Grice

Circus of Terror - S2-E7

Plot hole: After Sabrina and Tarloff have finished their rehearsal, Kris is able to pick the real sword with no hesitation. There are still six swords left in the basket (one is real, five are fake). They all look the same, so how could Kris know the exact position of the real one? (00:43:30)

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Trivia: David Doyle plays John Bosley in this series. The surname Bosley was an in-joke reference to the fact that Doyle was often misidentified as Tom Bosley, who played Howard Cunningham in "Happy Days".

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Show generally

Question: Why Is Tanya Robert a former model and not a cop? I've never read any explanation as to why.


Answer: After going through a number of cast changes that failed to improve the show's slumping ratings, Tanya Roberts' character was added as "street-wise" former model. This was probably an effort to give a different and edgier character dimension to the show.

raywest Premium member
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