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Charlie's Angels (1976)

1 mistake in The Killing Kind

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The Killing Kind - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: Bosley is speaking to Sabrina from the agency. He is using a white phone receiver. Sabrina asks him to run the plates for a vehicle. Bosley picks up a red phone receiver. He then speaks to Sabrina using the white phone. She tells him to call the highway patrol and hangs up. Bosley then picks up the red phone, but proceeds to use the white phone's keypad to make the call to the highway patrol. (00:32:55)

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Answer: After going through a number of cast changes that failed to improve the show's slumping ratings, Tanya Roberts' character was added as "street-wise" former model. This was probably an effort to give a different and edgier character dimension to the show.

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