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Angels in Chains - S1-E4

Corrected entry: In the episode the Angels are put in a Women's Prison. They are told to strip naked and to shower. When the camera pans the girls, for a split second, you can see the top of the "cover-up" Kate Jackson is wearing. It's on her left side.

Correction: Examining the DVD shows the "split second" to be very split indeed - two frames. One twelfth of a second. You need freeze frame to spot this 'mistake' invalidating it by the rules of this site.

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Unidentified Flying Angels - S2-E9

Continuity mistake: During the flight, Kelly gives Britten the OK sign (thumbs up). In the first shot, she uses her right thumb; but, in the next shot she uses her left thumb. (00:30:20)

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Trivia: John Forsythe was never on the set - his voice was recorded, and dubbed in later.

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Question: How is it possible that Kelly got shot in the head two separate times and is still a private eye?

Answer: She had the kind of incredibly fortunate recoveries that only television writers can provide.

Michael Albert
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